Why The Trend Of Opting Self Drive Car Rental Is Rising For Weekend Trips

Why The Trend Of Opting Self Drive Car Rental Is Rising For Weekend Trips
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If you want to plan for luxury holiday cottages with your family or relatives, and if you have sufficient time left in your hand, it is advised to start your journey by road. On top of that, if you are more in number, then considering a self-drive car rental service can benefit you in a lot of ways. The trend of self-drive car rentals is rising since it is one of the preferable automobile-related services. It is particularly advantageous for those who want a car for a short vacation.

The best part is that you can treat your car in your way as long as you are making use of it. With a self-drive car rental service, your journey will become much more manageable. Here are a few reasons that can compel you to book self drive car rentals.

Ensures Privacy

When you are choosing self-drive cars, you can get the level of privacy that you want. You can also book a cab, but sometimes the driver may engage you with the annoying conversation, thus making your journey bothersome. If it is a trip for two to three days, you should always care about hiring a self-drive car rental.

When you are planning for self-drive cars, you can hope for complete privacy in the vehicle. If you don’t want anyone to interrupt the enjoyment of your journey, no doubt booking a self-drive car rental is a good decision.

Provides Flexibility

When you plan for a long drive, there are some moments where you need to take a few short trips. But nobody wants to interrupt the driver at every hour as this could be a very annoying situation. However, when you are taking charge, you can make as many short trips as possible. It gives you control over your journey.

Maintain Hygiene

Since the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic disease, hygiene has become a significant concern. It is compulsory to give the importance of social distance. With the self-drive car, you can ensure the level of safety that you and your partners need.

However, the organization from where you are renting the vehicle will ensure that your car is well sanitized before handing over the keys to you. But if you have any doubt regarding their level of sanitization, you are always welcome to sanitize by yourself.

Promotes Safety & Security

If you are booking a taxi, there are a lot of risks. For instance, the driver may fall asleep in the middle of the night. To avoid this risk, you can consider renting a self-drive car. When you are driving the vehicle by yourself, you have complete control over your safety and it gives you a sense of relief. Besides, you can sometimes pause to take a rest whenever you find it necessary.


If you have time, you can compare the rate between renting a cab and booking a taxi. You will always find that renting self-drive cars is more cost-effective than booking a cab driver. The rate of self-drive car rental services is quite pocket-friendly. If you require rent the car for a month, you can discuss it with the company, and they may extend the timeframe. Thus renting a self-driving car is better than booking a cab.

Fun Journey

When you take charge of the car, you have a kind of fun with your family and friends. You can make short trips to various attractions that come across in the middle of the journey.


Maintenance and repairs for car rental services are adjusted within the rental amount you pay monthly. All the maintenance part is taken care of by the company itself. The company will send a team member to take the car, and they will return to you after maintenance at your doorstep. Before returning the vehicle, you may be called by one of their employees so that you can schedule your time according to your convenience.

You and your loved ones deserve the utmost experience when you are planning for a weekend vacation. You must include self-drive car rentals within the weekend getaways packages. You can get in touch with International Travel House today for choosing luxurious weekend getaways packages. If you have any queries regarding their packages, you can call and email them at your convenient time.

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