Why React JS is Best for Web App Development

Why React JS is Best for Web App Development

Created by Facebook, React JS is one of the best, if not the best, libraries for developing web apps. Several big companies have placed their bets on using the library for creating robust and dynamic web apps, and for good reasons. React JS provides numerous benefits when it comes to web app development. It has changed the face of front-end development, which was earlier ruled by HTML and CSS. Hence, it is best to hire React Js programmers to leverage all the React benefits for your next web app development project.

Why use React JS for Web App Development?

There is no denying that React JS has completely changed the front-end development landscape. The below list defines some of the profound benefits of using React JS for web app development and why it is best to hire dedicated React JS Developers.

Easy to Learn and Use

React JS is comparatively less complicated than other JavaScript frameworks. Developers can quickly learn the fundamentals of the library and implement it to program a web app. You can also build a React JS app with standard JavaScript coding. Although it is pretty much straightforward to learn and use ReactJS, it is best to hire React JS developers. When you hire React developers, you get the programmers with expertise in the specific domain, helping your web app stand out from the rest.

Simplified Code Reusability

React JS follows the Atomic Design Principle for development. The Atomic Design Principle is inspired by chemistry where the basic building block atoms are combined to form molecules, which are further combined to create more complex organisms. Since ReactJ S follows this principle, it allows seamless code reusability. React JS developers are well-versed with this principle. This will enable them to easily use a single component multiple times to save time and make the development process robust.

Helps Building Dynamic UI

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last; hence, any application’s UI holds significant importance. Thankfully, React JS development is best for developing amazing and dynamic UI. The custom component building feature of ReactJ S allows tweaking the front-end UI according to your preferences.

Allows Quick Rendering

DOM model impacts the rendering speed of any framework; changes at a higher level can deteriorate the entire app’s performance. But Facebook has created a Virtual DOM or VDOM, which allows React JS developers to test all the changes on it. This helps programmers to calculate all the risks and work on them before implementing them on the actual application. On top of it, React JS converts memory data structures into components that run the computation individually at a much smaller stage. All of these make the rendering in React JS development super fast, allowing you to create high-performance applications.

Quick rendering reduces the load time of your web application and boosts its performance. This makes React JS an SEO-friendly programming library as Google gives priority to websites and web applications that have the quick rendering and low load time.

Offers Great Toolset

Facebook understands the importance of compatibility and usability of tools with different platforms and browsers. Therefore, they have added a vast range of developer tools that make developers’ lives a lot simpler. These tools help React to JS developers to monitor parent and child components in the entire application. React JS toolset also comes along with handy pre-developed yet customizable components such as charts and graphs that are easy to implement in your projects.

Summing It Up

If you already have an in-house development team, it is easy to have them learn to React JS and build your web app using the library. But it is still advisable to outsource your project to a React JS development company. A React JS development company can handle your entire project, thereby reducing your development cost. It can also provide dedicated React JS developers who have expertise in building high-performance web applications.

With detailed knowledge of the Atomic Design Principle, React JS developers will help you bring your dream idea to a live web app more quickly. Hence, it is always best to hire to React to JS developers or a React JS development company.

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