Why Hire React Native Developer to Build an Advanced Mobile App

Why Hire React Native Developer to Build an Advanced Mobile App

The world of technology is rapidly evolving to meet the increasing demands of businesses. React Native, which emerged out of Facebook’s internal hackathon project in 2013, has now become one of the top-rated cross-platform app development frameworks. It has gained support equally from developer communities as well as business giants within the first five years after its official launch in 2015. 

As per the latest data, 42% of software developers depend on React Native for building apps. If you are contemplating hiring an expert team to React Native app development, here is all you need to know. 

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for building mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android platforms. This open-source framework, based on React, was developed by Facebook. It offers a customized version for developing web applications for Windows and Mac. Given its numerous benefits, a lot of global companies use React Native for their enterprise applications. Examples of such companies include Airbnb, Facebook, Bloomberg, Instagram, Walmart, Skype, and more. 

Top Reasons to Choose React Native for App Development 

The significant advantage of using React Native for businesses is that it allows you to build native apps for Android and iOS within the same framework. Therefore, you can speed up the development process while cutting down the costs. The pre-built components further ease up the development process. Listed below are a few major benefits of React Native app development.  

  • Simpler user interface: React Native allows developers to build native apps with an engaging user interface and lesser load time. If you want to build a simple yet user-engaging app, you can confidently hire ReactJS developers. Although React Native is a framework, it is similar to the JavaScript library, which makes it easier for the developer. 
  • Third-party plugins: One of the top reasons why developers like to work with React Native is that it facilitates seamless integration of third-party plugins. This flexible platform offers many customization features as well. 
  • Single team: Given the built-in components and reduced coding efforts, you can build your app to React Native if you hire a developer or a team. You can avoid the chaos that occurs when multiple teams come together for the project. 
  • Large support community: Being an open-source JavaScript framework, React Native has a huge support community that can be accessed by anyone. React Native tag has roughly 50,000 active contributors on Stack Overflow. 
  • Fast Refresh feature: The updated versions of React Native has further made it likable among developers. The Fast Refresh tool has fixed the problems that developers faced with the Hot Reload feature in earlier versions. It enables faster bug fixing and allows the addition of new features quickly.


The advent of React Native has taken the development world by storm, and its popularity continues to grow at a rapid pace. Driven by the numerous benefits, it continues to be the preferred choice for start-ups as well as established businesses alike for enterprise applications. It allows rapid development with smaller teams so that companies can save money and time while building robust, efficient, and user-friendly apps. With an actively-growing community and extensive user base, the future looks bright for React Native. 

Thanks to a huge developer base and freelance platforms, you can easily hire a developer proficient in React Native now. Also, it is quite affordable if you hire developers to React Native app development from offshore or outsourcing companies. For building high-quality native apps, outsourcing remains to be a feasible option now. 

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