Which School Offers the Best MIM between ESCP, ESMT and Catolica?

Which School Offers the Best MIM between ESCP, ESMT and Catolica?

Masters in Management is a post-graduation course that enhances the skills of the students in any field regarding business and management. MIM offers excellence in specific fields and helps in better job placements. Better job opportunities lead you to your career growth.

There are various colleges and business schools that offer MIM courses throughout the entire world. Different universities from different countries offer MIM courses with better faculties, facilities, staff, internships, placements, and other beneficial things that are necessary for every student.

Now, the question that appears here is which would be the best business school for pursuing your MIM Degree. So, here in this article, we have discussed the three best business schools that offer the MIM degree:

  1. ESCP Business School
  2. ESMT Business School
  3. Catolica Business School

You can go through all of them and decide the best for you. Pursuing a MIM degree is a way good idea for any students who are looking to grow their career in the management field. MIM in Canada would also be the best option as Canada is one of the popular nations that offer the best MIM courses globally.  However, let’s look into those three first.

MIM in ESCP Business School

ESCP has its branches set up in more than 5 countries. It has come across as the 6th position in the whole world by the Financial Times. Better career and confirm job placements of ESCP make it more worthy in the competition. Pursuing MIM from ESCP has its own benefits that we have listed below:

  1. ESCP makes you capable to survive in the competitive world and helps you to grow your career internationally.
  2. Provides internships to build a solid personality to work in all fundamental areas of business and management.
  3. Offers specialization in different subjects related to your field of management.

Eligibility criteria for ESCP Selection:

  1. Graduated from a renowned university.
  2. Must be confident in English.
  3. Academic performance should be admirable.

MIM in ESMT Business School

The ESMT Business school offers a combination of several internships and social-based projects so that students can apply for their research work and other skills they have developed in ESMT. Students of ESMT have gained specialization in the newest business and global management theories.

Students have to select their specialization course in their second year of MIM. There are mainly four options for specialization in ESMT, that are:

  • Finance and Investments
  • Global and Digital Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Students who want to join the MIM course in ESMT may apply and join the course from September every year.

Benefits of MIM from ESMT:

Students who want to pursue the MIM course, you must read the benefits below:

  1. Students get a chance to explore professionally with 10 months of practical knowledge through internships, that are mandatory for everyone.
  2. Real-based Social Impact projects are there to make you grow professionally in your specific fields.
  3. ESMT offers a Port-folio management program during the full-time MIM course.

MIM in Catolica

Catolica trains its students as highly qualified and experienced professionals in their specific fields to achieve their goals effectively.  Catolica offers various master’s programs to train the students and enhance their knowledge as expertise.

Catolica is popular for its teaching excellence by highly qualified faculties. The MIM course of Catolica offers both practical and academic knowledge to its students. Students are built up in such a way so that they can easily compete with global business competitions.

Benefits of MIM from Catolica:

Catolica offers several benefits to its students that are listed below:

  1. Best quality of teaching faculties with advanced techniques.
  2. Students are well trained with practical knowledge to survive in the competition internationally.
  3. Builds career and enhances options in the corporate world.
  4. Guarantees job placements during or after the full-time MIM course in top global companies.

We have listed all the required details along with the benefits of the colleges above. Now it is totally up to you. You may go to any of the above colleges. Go to their official sites and read all the specific details and everything if you want to know more details.

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