Where to Buy Bespoke Cakes

Where to Buy Bespoke Cakes
Buy Bespoke Cakes

Pearls & Crumbs

If you are looking for the best Bespoke cakes in the UK then look no further than Pearls & Crumbs. Founded by a talented cake designer in London, Pearls & Crumbs delivers a wide range of delicious cakes and pastries. You can buy the traditional British Chocolate Wedding Cake, the more common Lemon Yellow Cake, as well as many other delicious flavours such as banana cream and strawberry shortcake. If you are looking for inspiration on where to buy Bespoke cakes in London then take a look at the selection of cakes below.

Bespoke Cakes in London

There is nothing better than celebrating with a good party. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or retirement party, a party just makes everyone feel wanted. It’s also a great way to impress your guests when hosting an event at your home. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to buy Bespoke cakes in London, why not start by looking at some of the fantastic birthday cakes that this bakery delivers year after year?

Chocolate Wedding Cake

If you’re looking for a classic favourite, why not try a Chocolate Wedding Cake? Available in white, pink, green and cream colour schemes, the traditional Chocolate Wedding Cake is always a crowd pleaser. The chocolate-bordered cakes are decorated with white frosting, marzipan and satin ribbons. Chocolate wedding cakes can be found in most leading bakery chains throughout the UK including Asda, Tesco and Debenhams.

Wedding Cake Designed

For those looking for something more unique, why not try a Wedding Cake designed with satin ribbons. These ribbons are hand woven into the cake, creating a unique design that will be enjoyed by the bride and groom for many years to come. These exquisite designs can be found all over the UK by specialist cake designer companies.

Creative and Stunning Designs

You’ll also find satin ribbons used for decorating the cakes in creative and stunning designs. One popular option is to use them on the top half of the cake. This way you can incorporate different colour schemes and motifs, such as flowers or butterflies. Another popular idea is to allow the satin to flow around the base of each tier. This gives an overall impression of the shape of the cake and it makes the finished result look absolutely stunning.

Cake Topper or Decorative Item

You can choose between a selection of beautiful designs when you visit the bakeshop. These include classic satin ribbons, contemporary satin flowers, edible flowers, floral pattern cakes and much more. A popular idea is to purchase a cake from the satin boutique and to have it designed by one of the West London bakeshops. Although this can be costly, it is certainly worth the extra investment because you’ll get professional service and a brilliant product – whether it’s a cake topper or decorative item.

Type of Packaging on the Cakes

You’ll find a range of different options when it comes to the type of packaging on the cakes you buy. Whether you want something that will be placed inside a box, display case or another container it’s entirely up to you. You can buy beautiful boxes which can be decorated with the cakes you buy, such as ones featuring different Westlife characters, or you can find a range of other unique designs that are perfect for gifts. Regardless of what you end up buying, you’ll find that the quality of the finished item is top notch and you can be assured of having a present that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Where to buy Bespoke Cakes

Another important factor you’ll need to consider when choosing where to buy Bespoke cakes is price. You should spend as much time looking at the cost of the cakes as the overall cost of buying them. Some companies charge more than others for their Bespoke creations, so make sure you know how much they’ll cost before you decide to go ahead and order anything. You can usually identify how much each cake will cost from the information you’ll find printed on the packaging – some companies include all of the information you need, while others will only list the basic price. It’s important to take everything into consideration before making your decision.

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