What Does Your Favourite Chocolate Say About You!

What Does Your Favourite Chocolate Say About You!
Your Favourite Chocolate

Growing up, my fondest memories harbor with my childhood friend. From completing each other’s sentences, sometimes, to talking without words when the need arose. My confidant and partner in crime, the only thing that set us apart, chocolate! Yes! Chocolate, you heard it right. While I stuck to the classic, plain milk chocolate, she thoroughly stood by the 70% dark kind.

No one ever really thinks of relating chocolate choices to certain personality traits, so here I am. Read on to see if your personality matches your go-to chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

This labor of love takes time to be created into perfection. Rightly so, it has set its legacy of being one of the most popular forms of chocolate. If this has been your guilty pleasure, chances are you are a smooth operator! You never shy away from commitment and get an A+ for loyalty. You love the limelight, although you may pretend not to, and are deeply romantic.

Dark Chocolate

The healthier cousin of milk chocolate can be eaten GUILT FREE! For the people choosing this variant, your relationships and opinions are as strong as the cocoa percentage in your chocolate. You tend to be biased and may come across a tad bit too stringent. Your classy and suave ways are much like the things you combine with your dark chocolate. Like all berries and a well-set platter of the finest cheeses, you love your healthful snack.

White Chocolate

Till some years ago, most people did not even take white chocolate seriously! Made from cocoa butter and its glistening white sheen sure is alluring. Best combined with sprightly macadamia nuts and elite caviar white chocolate is a bit of an underdog. Spices like the exclusive saffron or sweet cardamom complement its creamy texture the most—this kind, usually chosen by the eloquent and creative kind of people. Typically, an introvert would rather be alone than with the wrong kind of company.

Nutty Buddy

If this rocky road is your choice, then it’s entirely possible that you like old fashioned ways. Places with strong history interest you the most. It is a possibility that unintentionally you end up raining on people’s parades. Somber atmospheres bring you peace and sometimes have a harsh view of situations. Your close-knit group of friends vouches for your unwavering support.


Gooey caramel oozing out of filled chocolate is nothing but pure temptation. It is one of the best visuals an ad campaign can carry, right? Well, rightly so, this human-made nectar has everything going for it. Likewise, if this is your choice, you are the popular one! Content and happy, you adjust in any situation. Adventure and thrill are your middle name, and you never pass on a chance to take bold steps. Easily pleased, your loved ones do not need exaggerated plans to delight you.

In my opinion, God could not provide the ambrosia nectar to us mortals, so he gave the next best thing, CHOCOLATES! Its allure is magical. One form or another, everyone wants a piece! Who can you blame? A journey that started 4,000 yrs. ago in present-day Latin America has turned out to be a fruitful one. Chocolate has been combined with almost all types of foods and incorporated in several different cuisines! Making fruits more inviting, giving an extra appeal to nuts, adding that extra pizzazz to savory dishes. There is nothing this humble fruit cannot achieve! Chocolate is said to contain Magnesium. Women usually tend to be low in Magnesium, so they crave chocolate more. (Well, not that we needed an excuse, but thanks anyway!)

Club it with cakes and flowers, and nothing says ‘I love you’ better than roses and chocolate. From plain to filled, from nutty to layered, let us delve into the world of chocolate together. This ingredient has the power to lend appeal to any food and every situation. Let us know in the comments down below how well your personality matches with your choice of chocolates!


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