Types of Packing Tapes to Use While Moving

Types of Packing Tapes to Use While Moving

While relocating, packing supplies like moving boxes, packaging tapes, bubble wrap rolls are some of the essentials you absolutely cannot ignore. Poor quality packing materials can create disasters for your household items.

If you have started to pack for your move, chances are you have already bought durable moving boxes and bubble wraps. But however good your packing skills might be, your packing won’t be complete without different types of packing tapes.

No matter how robust your boxes are, packing tapes help to seal the boxes. To make sure you are getting the right packing tape, we have a list of options for you.

Shipping tape or sealing tape

Shipping tape is the most common type of packing tape. It is a thin, transparent plastic tape that uses a hot melt adhesive.

Packing Tape

Perfect to hold boxes for a short amount of time; you might want to buy a tape dispenser to make the process quicker. Usually, they are 2 to 3 inches wide. Sealing tapes are also used in warehouses or shipping companies.

Storage tapes

If you are moving across the country and need something stronger for the moving boxes, storage tapes are perfect. They are similar to shipping tapes, but storage tapes have a much sturdier adhesive.

This tape is specially designed to last long hours and is frequently used by food companies. Storage tapes can pretty much adapt to any temperature or humidity change.

Water-activated tapes

When you are moving to another country or continent, you have to rely on movers with your possessions. If you fear leakage or security issues and need robust tape to ensure maximum safety, use water-activated tapes. This type of tape is activated when wet and creates a seal that you must cut or tear to break open. So, if there is any tampering with your possession, the removal of the tape will have evidence.

Brown packing tapes

This one is also quite popular among moving companies. Brown packing tapes are best to seal cardboard boxes. These tapes are used globally for packaging goods. Brown tapes can easily adjust with temperature and moisture changes.

Brown Tape

Strapping tapes

If you are worried about the damage transportation will cause to your heavy, fragile items, try investing in strapping tapes. These tapes are weaved with glass filaments or fibreglass, giving additional strength and durability.

Strapping tapes a little more expensive than sealing tapes or brown tapes. But it holds heavy electronics or other items securely inside the box.

Fragile packing tape

As the name suggests, fragile tapes are used to protect the items from getting mishandled by the movers. These tapes come with a clear warning sign to alert the people to handle the items inside the container carefully.

Honestly, these tapes don’t really cost much. So, if you have many glassware or other fragile items, we suggest buying some rolls of fragile packing tapes.

Packing tape factors, you need to know

Many factors distinguish a good quality tape from a poor one. Here are some aspects you need to keep in mind before choosing packing tapes for your move:

  •   Width- For relocation purposes, a width f 2 to 4 inches of packing tape is enough. Thin tapes will come in handy for lighter items or to combine a few things (like kitchen utensils). In comparison, wider tapes will hold the heavier boxes.
  •   Adhesive- Most packing tapes have hot melt adhesive or acrylic adhesive. Weaker adhesives like scotch tape or masking tapes won’t be able to hold the seal of cardboard moving boxes.
  •   Grade- The grade of the tape is determined by its strength. The better the grade, the stronger is the tape.
  •   Temperature- consider the temperature change your tapes will endure during the move. Suppose you are moving across the country where a variation of weather change will happen. In that case, it is advisable to invest in storage tapes.
  •   Elongation- Elongation is the elasticity of the packing tape. Elongation is calculated by percentage and is determines how will the tape can stretch and last.

Buy your packing materials from a trustworthy company to ensure quality. A brand like Wellpack Europe will always have the best quality product regardless of the price tag.

You want to ensure the safety and security of your possessions during transit. Think about factors like how heavy your boxes will be, the temperature changes your boxes will endure, and the shipping length. Based on these factors, decide what is suitable for your move.

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