Top Things to do in Sint Maarten

Top Things to do in Sint Maarten
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Sint Maarten, also famous as St Maarten, is a country located in the Netherlands’ kingdom. The tourists recognize this island country for its golden and white sand beaches. Having several nicknames like ”The Friendly Island, The Resilient Island, and The Sun-Soaked Island”, this dual nation island attracts millions of tourists. 

Tourists worldwide visit to explore the beauty of this “Island Country” with their family and friends. If you plan to visit Sint Marteen, then United Airlines Reservations will be the best to get tailor-made yet affordable tour packages. 

Here is the list of top things to do in Sint Maarten:

Have a look,

An Adventurous Ride in the World’s Steepest Zip Line

If you are seeking a thrilling and adrenaline-filled trip, then you should not miss riding the World’s Steepest Zip Line. It is located in the eco-adventure park, Rainforest Adventures, where one can be thrilled when dropping from more than 1000 feet and 2,800 feet of cable, offers a top speed of 56 miles per hour in a single drop. Also popular as the “The Flying Dutchman,” this zip line gives you one of the most memorable moments of your trip.

Relaxing Stay at Loterie Farm 

Also pronounced as Lottery, Loterie Farm is located on the French side of the island. Here one can enjoy experiencing and exploring swanky beach clubs, luxe loungers, day beds and cabanas. The Farm is filled with giant palm trees that make this Farm eco-friendly for the surroundings. This is a place for those tourists who preferred to rest after an adventurous trip to St Maarten. 

Witness the insane Airplane landings and take-offs at Maho Beach

Situated on the Dutch side of the island, Maho beach is famous for its low-flying airplane scenes. Located right next to the airport, one can witness the insane Airplane landings and take-offs from the coast. This beach is famous among aviation photographers who are looking for crazy shots of planes. This beach is worth visiting with a group of your friends.

Explore the beautiful Mullet Bay

Mullet Bay is considered one of the top Sint Maarten beaches consisting of blue water, protected coves and white sand. These unique features make it the ideal place to spend the best time with your loved ones. There is more to explore in this bay, like an 18-hole golf course and beautiful giant palm trees. Its crystal clear calm water is the best and popular swimming spot for locals and tourists. 

Enjoy a romantic sunset sail with your better-half

Romantic sunset sail with your better-half will be the best to end the trip of Sint Maarten. Having a cocktail in your hand and spending time with your love while sailing across the Caribbean sea will make your day end amazing. One can find several operators around the island who offer sunset sails. Throwing parties for your entire group at night will also be a great idea to end the day. 

Water Sports in Sint Maarten

Who else doesn’t like snorkeling and surfing? No one! These two are the prime activities on the beaches of Sint Maarten. People across all over the globe visit here to enjoy surfing and snorkeling. One can also take a small boat to explore across the channel. This is one of the most considered and loved activities to do when they visit Saint Maarten among tourists. 

Why not make your perfume?

Before leaving the island, you should also visit Tijon Parfumerie, located on the French side that manufactures perfumes, colognes, and other skincare items. Here one can also take a 60 to 90 minute class for making perfumes. Here comes the best part, at the end of the tour, the visitors will be guided by the staff of selecting scents from the collections (300 Oils) by which one can develop their kind of perfume to take it home. The excursion ends with a champagne toast, natch and perfume.

These are some of the things one can do while visiting Sint Maarten and if you are planning for a solo or group trip, then Spirit Airlines Reservations will help you. Are you getting excited? So, start packing your bag and visit the official website to get the best deals on the tour package. 

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