Top 7 treks in India.

Top 7 treks in India.

When it comes to trekking, one always imagines a beautiful place with an otherworldly view and crisp air that is nothing like that of a city. Although, trekking has its difficulty grades ranging from easy, to moderate and to only experienced level. So, people are often confused about what treks would be good for them.

To help you out with this dilemma, we have compiled a list of all those treks that have an excellent and charming view, with a moderate difficulty level.

Along these lines, make a point to add this one to your rundown!

Region:- Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Duration:- 6 Days

Difficulty level:- Easy To Moderate

Max Altitude :- 12,500 Ft.

Approx Trekking distance:- 20 Kms.

One of the immensely popular treks in India, also the best winter trek in and out of Uttarakhand is the KedarKantha Trek. The best part of this journey is it’s easy to moderate grade. 

Another charm under KedarKantha is the holy background of this place- covering one of the prestigious Char Dhaams and taking us across beautiful hills. Numerous frigid pinnacles like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, and Kala Nag are additionally noticeable from this path.

  • Brahamatal Lake trek

     Region:- Uttarakhand

     Duration:- 6 Days

     Max Altitude :- 12,200 Ft.

     Approx Trekking Km:- 24 Kms.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit: Mid Nov to March

Popular for so many reasons, this trek is definitely worth a visit. Perfect for beginners, the Brahmatal Trek offers a myriad of ever-changing sceneries that you will fall in love with.

From oak forests, meadows covered in blooming flowers to stunning lakes, this trek gives you all. So, make sure to pack tight and carry light and you are good to go!

  • Ladakh – Markha Valley trek

 Region:- Ladakh (Leh)

Duration:- 8 Days

Grade:- Moderate To Difficult

Max Altitude :- 17,100 Ft.

Approx Trekking Km:- 65 Kms.

Kashmir, the queen of all, the heaven on Earth- has a dry and barren side too. But, this does not mean that it is inferior to the rest of the region in any way! Leh, one of the most sought out areas of Kashmir when it comes to trekking, is an experience that is different from all the treks you will ever come across.

The reason being the astonishingly beautiful yellow landscapes of Leh Markha Valley! Numerous streams like Indus, Markha, and others will come across your way when you pass this valley.

Stunning sights of mountain peaks like K2 mountain, Stok Kangri, and Kang Yatse are another charm to this trek.

So, make sure to add this one to your list!

  • Valley of Flowers

Region:- Uttarakhand

Duration:- 6 Days

Grade:- Easy To Moderate

Max Altitude :- 14,100 Ft.

Approx Trekking Km:- 37 Kms.

Best time to visit- July to September( no snow)

Everyone is aware of this beauty of the Himalayas, but no one is ready to feast their eyes on its full bloom season! The Valley of flowers has a deep history and cherished culture. 

Be ready to be mesmerized by beautiful lakes, like Hemkund and lush flora and fauna. 

Many other sightseeing places like temples, gardens, and streams are just around this trail.

  • Roopkund trek

Region:- Uttarakhand

Duration:- 8 Days

Grade:- Moderate To Difficult

Max Altitude :- 15,696 Ft.

Approx Trekking Km:- 53 Kms.

An air of mystery and thrill revolves around this trek. Lying under and around this lake are the human skeletons of more than 500 people. With the chilly air, the picturesque beauty of Roopkund is covered with luxurious greenery. Just keep in mind the weather conditions, especially the hailstorms after monsoons.

  • Har ki Doon trek

Region:- Uttarakhand

Duration:- 7 Days

Grade:- Easy To Moderate

Max Altitude :- 12,000 Ft.

Approx Trekking Km:- 44 Kms.

In the heart of Govind Ballabh Pant National Park, lies the winter wonderland of India. It is fascinating for all sorts of reasons. First being the easy level of trekking, which makes it suitable even for beginners. 

Second, is the awe-inspiring magnificence of this trip that tops pretty much every other. It is likewise called the “Valley of God”.The summers are a delight here, especially after the rainy season.

Other attractions include the temple of Osla and the various species of birds that can be spotted here more than often.

.Nag Tibba Trek

Region:- Uttarakhand

Duration:- 2 Days

Grade:- Easy

Max Altitude :- 9,910 Ft.

Approx Trekking Km:- 16 Kms.

Best time to visit:- Round the year except for monsoon

For an alluring trekking destination for the weekends, with family and friends, Nag Tibba trek got you covered.

It possesses zero altitude threat, with no danger from rocks, and has lovely weekend energy. 

So, are you all set for your next trip?

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