Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Birmingham, Alabama

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is a beautiful city and a major vacation destination, rich in its cultural and historical heritage. The city is home to a few notable Civil Rights landmarks and numerous institutions, incredible museums, botanical gardens, national parks, stunning attractions, canals, fancy cafes, restaurants, and art galleries. 

Originally, the site was once an industrial center managed by the steel industry. Today, it is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering plenty of interesting activities and places to the visitors. Popular tourist attractions to explore in Birmingham include Red Mountain Park, McWane Science Center, the Birmingham Zoo, Railroad Park, Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, etc. 

Here are the five best tourist attractions in Birmingham, Alabama which you can mark on your travel bucket list. 

Victoria Square and the City Center 

Victoria Square is the heart and soul of Birmingham and a popular tourist attraction. Tourists can explore the exquisite beauty of the old Town Hall, established in 1832, and it is the finest example of Victorian architecture. The design of the marvelous structure resembles a Roman Temple, and the site features around 40 ornate Corinthian columns built with Anglesey marble. 

Moreover, the square highlights the city’s great taste in music since the first performance of Mendelssohn’s in 1847 in a music event. Today, it is famous as Symphony Hall, featuring incredible acoustics, beautiful auditoriums, performers, and top-listed singers. There are two memorials, Queen Victoria and James Watt. The Council House of Birmingham was designed in the Renaissance style in 1874. Other ancient sites to explore include Chamberlain Square and the Central Library, which is home to the largest collection of Shakespeare kept outside the country. 

Jewelry Quarter 

The Jewelry Quarter is the most impressive site in Birmingham, well-known for its rich historical heritage. Visitors can find around 200 jewelers workshops and silversmiths making 40% of jewelry in Britain, primarily in the Clock Tower and Frederick Streets. The museum offers a fascinating insider’s look in the beautiful Smith and Pepper Factory. Moreover, the Hall of Memorial is another great place worth visiting, located just opposite Baskerville House, built-in 1925. 

If you have enough time, make sure to visit the Pen Museum, located in the Jewelry Quarter’s old pen factory. The site exhibits the role of the city as a cradle of pen production along with the writing instruments. It is not less than a treat to see the entire process and make your steel nib with the help of the same equipment and techniques. 

St. Philip’s Cathedral 

St. Philip’s Cathedral was built in 1751, and it is the third smallest cathedral in England. Initially, it was a parish church, and in 1940, the site was bitterly exposed during a bombing raid. The cathedral got back its reputation and attention from the visitors when it was rebuilt in 1948. Today, travelers worldwide come here to watch concerts, exhibits, talk shows, and seminars. 

St. Martin’s Church is another worth visiting site built in the 13th century featuring the windows by Burne-Jones. You can check the official site, check each event’s dates and schedules, and book tickets in advance. The possibilities are arranged throughout the week with different time slots. Make American airlines reservations from the official sources and get ready to explore the top-rated tourist attractions in Birmingham. 

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum was first founded by driver George Barber who was passionate about cars and motorcycles. The museum was opened for a public visit in 1995, exhibiting vintage motorcycles and the massive collection of other vehicles, which were lent to the Guggenheim Museum for display in the Art of the Motorcycle. 

His passion was never-ending, so he did not stop flourishing his collection after he owned an extensive complex. Today, the site features a racetrack of 2.38 miles and a large playground, covering around 930 acres of land and offering top-notch amenities. Those facilities help in testing, product reviews, and commercials and are managed by two mega automobile companies, like Mercedes Benz and Porsche. If you are a car lover, you must visit the site and discover the beast and the beauty with your naked eyes. Here, you can also find the Driving School and demonstrations of Porsche. 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

There is a beautiful park, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, spreading up to 67 acres of land in the city. Today, the site is also a center for historical, educational development. People come here from different parts of the world to see the incredible glass conservatory while going through the Queen’s Gates. 

The site, Garden of Nature, focuses on different local plants and the Garden of Culture, which are home to a large variety of flora. Each plant type distinguishes the garden area and exhibits as the Gardens of Collections, largely dedicated to rhododendrons. Among these two, one is a charming rose garden, and the other is home to the lily, hosta, iris, etc. Make Air France booking and witness the exquisite beauty of the city and have the best trip experience. 

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