Top 5 Casio Calculator You Won’t Get From A Manufacturer

Top 5 Casio Calculator You Won’t Get From A Manufacturer

This material was written by Smart specifically for the TradeMaster UA website. In the review, you will get acquainted with the unique Casio calculators, which are not on the shelves of any manufacturer.

Find out more about the Top 5 models, the functionality of which is suitable for work and study. Casio launches the world’s first cross-product calculator.

Then they got ahead of other manufacturers and released a desktop model, after 6 years – the world’s first programmable calculator, after another 5 years – a scientific calculator.

This Japanese brand has been called number 1 for its unique design, timeless quality and technology that make the job of engineers, accountants and researchers easier. Let’s take a look at the models that no modern calculator manufacturer has.

The Top 5 Casio Calculator You Won’t Get From A Manufacturer Are:

1. Scientific graphing calculator FX-CG50

The model is complemented by a high-resolution colour display, Bildplot application for image analysis and 3000+ functions.

  • build and explore three-dimensional surfaces of 4 types (line, sphere, cylinder, plane);
  • draw figures in 3D format according to ready-made templates;
  • draw 3D graphs and explore the relationship between them;
  • analyze the relationship between a mathematical expression and an image;
  • increase the scale of images, rotate them in planes, analyze separately along each axis, and so on.

What makes this calculator unique?

The model is distinguished by its intuitively simple operation: the menu is supplemented with icons, there are functional buttons, all commands are collected in a catalogue.

This machine has a built-in G-Solve function that helps you solve integral and root problems. You can find the intersection point of the graphs in one click.

In addition, with this calculator, you can track the relationship between Cartesian and Polar coordinate systems by observing them on the same screen.

And the Color Link application will tell you which picture on the diagram corresponds to which value from the table.

For students, the Japanese brand has also prepared something special – the ECON4 app. You can collect information and display it on the screen at the right time without any complicated combinations.

Here you can also overlay the graph on the real image. Explore the parabolas of the fountain’s jets and become familiar with mathematical functions.

2. Desktop calculator MJ-120D PLUS

The model is supplemented with functions for calculating the trade margin and taxes. In addition to standard addition-subtraction operations, here you can perform calculations with percentages, choose the format of the number yourself, and check up to 300 actions.

Conveniently, the calculator is complemented by both solar and conventional batteries, as well as a large 12-digit LCD screen.

The uniqueness of this model is in its functionality. In enhancement to the capacities defined above, there are:

  • Step by step and automatic browsing of expressions
  • Voice check function
  • Transition and editing of any action expression
  • The total amount of memory
  • Two memory locations (M + / M-)
  • Key to change sign +/-
  • 3 formats for displaying the group separator of digits of numbers (standard, European, Indian)
  • Additional key “00”
  • Correction of the entered data.

This model is chosen by accountants and economists to optimize work, reduce errors in calculations and quickly perform complex operations.

3. Scientific calculator FX-991EX

The model is equipped with an LCD display with a resolution of 192×63 pixels [4 times the resolution of the previous model FX-ES Plus] and a processor that processes data 4 times faster than the previous model Casio FX-ES Plus. 

  • Save 2 times more data with more memory.
  • calculation of interest;
  • hyperbolic functions;
  • coordinate-system transformations  and angular transformations;
  • random number generator;
  • decomposition of numbers into prime factors;
  • tabular editor of statistical data;
  • calculation of the numerical differential;
  • calculation of numerical integration and so on.

This pocket calculator takes up little space and is several times more functional than most desktop models on the market. Such a computer is suitable for both the student and the teacher.

4. Desktop 12-digit calculator WM-320MT

The main feature of this model is a removable panel that can be washed. It is convenient to keep it clean, and the housing does not collect dirt without gaps. The plastic buttons are non-slip, non-stick and soft to the touch.

In addition to increased protection against moisture, this calculator has features:

  • calculation of interest (profitability);
  • profit calculation (cost, sale, margin);
  • tax calculations;
  • additional button “00” and so on.

The calculator is suitable for accountants, financiers, economists, top managers to optimize work and efficiently allocate time.

5. Series of colour calculators Casio Colorful

The models are presented in 9 different colours, each schoolchild and student can choose a “fun” version to their liking. In addition to attractive shades, these models have other features:

  • 2 power options (solar / built-in battery);
  • plastic keys with numbers that are not erased;
  • fast input of numbers thanks to the function of a rollover of the keys; – time counting;
  • calculation of taxes;
  • calculating the square root and so on.

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