Top 5 Brands that Offer Product Customization

Top 5 Brands that Offer Product Customization
Offer Product Customization

People are customizing their goods and gifting them to their family and friends in greater numbers than ever before. Custom goods will continue to be in high demand shortly, allowing companies to prosper and better serve their customers.

Using ImprintNext Product customization software assists companies in increasing revenue while also providing consumers with a forum to better express themselves. Many businesses are experimenting with new ways to build personalized goods and better satisfy their customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new workspace and how to get ahead of the competition, you’ve come to the right spot. This article will guide you through the process by including examples of product customization: how the top five companies sell custom products and serve their customers.

1. Coca-Cola:

Coca-Cola is the first company that comes to mind when we think about product customization. Their “Share the Coke Campaign” was unrivaled. The campaign began with some of Australia’s most popular first names and was aimed at Australian consumers. Coca-Cola became a household name as a result of this. They then extended the initiative to other nations, which increased revenue. The campaign gave the company a fresh face and helped them boost their brand awareness and profits. Coca-most Cola’s successful campaign, which changed a lot of things for them, has set a standard for product customization.

2. Nike:

Customizable shoes were a pipe dream before Nike made it a reality; they are prime examples of product customization. It began as an online store that allowed customers to customize their shoes. As a result, they were able to boost their revenue and set an example of customer service. Customization also allowed customers to express themselves while also standing out from the crowd. Nike by You allows you to easily customize and build your own designs using a variety of colors, pictures, models, and other elements. So, if you’re a shoe aficionado looking to make a statement, Nike’s custom shoes will help you do just that.

3. Nutella:

Nutella is a chocolate spread. Almost everybody likes it, and Nutella allows for product customization as well. They launched a custom labeling option to boost their sales. Customers can personalize labels with their names, which has created a lot of interest in the market. People liked it a lot, which helped them raise their brand awareness. The company was able to tap into their consumers’ emotions and boost revenue thanks to the label customization.

4. Graze:

Graze’s data-driven personalization is another example of product customization. They make the best use of their customers’ data, such as recommending their favorite snacks based on previous purchases. Customers can share their feedback, favorite foods, and allergies, and receive the best possible recommendations based on their needs. All of the information allows them to make better snack recommendations from over 500 brands and over 200 million variations. It’s a great example of how data can help companies develop and represent customers more effectively.

5. Susan Lanci:

Customization and increased sales are not only limited to human products, but pet businesses have also joined the trend. Susan Lanci is an online dog store that allows owners to personalize their dog’s uniforms, collars, and other accessories. The items are of excellent quality, are comfortable and clean, and are a great match for your pet. Susan Lanci can be your one-stop shop if you are a pet owner who wants to supply your pet with high-quality items.

Benefits of Product Customization:

1. Increased Sales:

Increased sales are one of the big advantages of customization. According to Deloitte’s study, 36 percent of customers choose to buy personalized goods. Not only that, but it also reveals that one out of every five customers would rather pay 20% more for exclusive custom goods. Customers are willing to pay any amount for customizing their items. These statistics show that there is a massive market for custom goods that isn’t going away anytime soon.

2. Stay Ahead of Competition:

The ever-increasing popularity of customization has intensified competition. Companies that use customization tools are more likely to anticipate their customers’ needs and provide them with the best possible service. Companies are still experimenting with novel ways to remain ahead of the competition, but product customization is a significant step forward.

Customers may build their own designs and express themselves through customization. Additionally, excellent customer service will keep you ahead of the competition. More profits and chances of keeping ahead of the competition would result from better customer support, more original designs, more brands, and a feature-rich library.

3. Better Customer Insights:

Studying the target audience’s shopping preferences will aid you in gaining a greater understanding of them. Understanding the consumers is critical for increasing sales. You must first research and identify the customers’ needs before moving forward. Businesses can better understand their customers with the aid of tools like CRM and data analytics. You can also use artificial intelligence to predict what the next industry trend will be or how to build the next trend.

4. Increased Profits:

Since owning printers was difficult in the early days of customization, print shop owners preferred to produce goods in bulk. However, thanks to technological advancements, owning a printing machine is now very easy.

Printshop owners can now conveniently own the machines and streamline the design process. Not only that but by maintaining a slightly higher profit margin, you will gain back the money you put into the machines. Get the right quality designs and a higher profit margin with the aid of printing machines.


In the printing industry, customization is paving the way for a plethora of new resources and methods to be implemented. Don’t worry if you’re an online store trying to figure out how to give your customers more customization options and setting up new product customization examples. Brush The Ideas’ Product Design Tool will assist you in providing better service to your clients.

They can quickly build custom designs from a wide library of features and easily express themselves. Customers may also make previews, post them on social media, and position orders directly from the site. Customization is a revolutionary way to have what the customers want while still increasing revenue.

Furthermore, our experts will assist you in the process whether you are looking for third-party apps or want to start from scratch with your shop. With a decade of experience in the industry, you can count on us to help you grow your company.

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