Tips which will help CLAT aspirants to nail the exam easily

Tips which will help CLAT aspirants to nail the exam easily

Dealing with stress while preparing:

When you know that this is the right time for your preparation then you should do qualitative study instead of quantitative study. Long and stressful hours can cause mental fatigue. It is always advisable to take short breaks and refresh your mind with some music. It is okay to reduce stress as it helps you stay focused but it should not affect your preparation. While it is important for you to be stubborn and work hard, it is equally important to let go of all that stress. Remember this is not a do or die situation. You should be comfortable with yourself. Try to relax, take time for some daily exercise, yoga or meditation which will increase your concentration level. Try to be in the company of people who inspire and de-stress you.

Analyze your preparation:

The most important step is to find out your strong and weak areas. Test yourself as to your weak areas and polish them with consistent practice. Prioritize your syllabus such that the most important material is to be dealt with first and the least important is to be tackled at the end. Give some extra time for the preparation of General Knowledge as they are something that generally requires revision or are prone to be forgotten easily. If you think that you are weak in any subject must join Online CLAT Classes for CLAT 2022.

Polish your curriculum regularly:

For an aspirant, it is very important for you to revise your syllabus and strike a balance between all the subjects. Read a newspaper daily for English comprehension which will increase your GK also. Focus on the Legal Aptitude section and try to learn short tricks for maths. Keeping track of daily news through TV news channels will help you to score some marks in the current affairs section.

Always avoid new stuff:

With the plethora of study material available on the internet, it is expected that you will be eager to experiment with new topics before the exam. refrain from doing. Your increased interest in new study material can make you anxious and increase your stress level.

CLAT mock test:

Mock tests are the best way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Try to take one CLAT online mock test daily and analyze it thoroughly. This, in turn, will help you master the art of time management. Adhering to the time limit in mock tests will help you get used to the exam pattern.

“ The day ” 

1- Do not attempt any mock test before the day of the exam. Never compare your mock test results with your friends and don’t panic. Go outside, take a walk in the park and try to relax your mind as much as you can.

2- On the day of the exam, choose your questions smartly and wear and eat what you feel comfortable in. First of all, solve those questions which you have confidence in, it will help in boosting your morale. Don’t get stuck on any questions and waste your time. The clock will keep ticking so it becomes very important for you to time your attempts at questions.

3- Be prepared for not-so-good surprise questions. Remember, the same surprises for others! Ultimately it depends on who handles surprises better

4- Don’t get under pressure while attempting the question. The key is to believe in yourself and trust the amount of effort you put in this exam

5- Remember effort always triumphs over luck. You reach the highest level of your potential in CLAT. Best of Luck for CLAT 2022!

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