Tips to Optimize Your Blog Post for SEO

Tips to Optimize Your Blog Post for SEO

Content optimization refers to the set of SEO techniques capable of improving its positioning on search engines. If you want to improve your blog post’s visibility, you will have to implement its actions. From any SEO company New Zealand, such steps are done.

Look for “Rankable” keywords

Before you jump into writing a blog post, consider doing some keyword research. You will thus be able to know the expectations of Internet users. To do this, several online tools can help you, like Google’s Keyword Planner.

To save time and make this process easier, you can also take advantage of the Google search bar’s suggestions.

How to Find Keywords

Optimize Your Article with Your Keywords

Once you’ve found a list of keywords you want to rank for, consider optimizing your article. The “keywords” must appear several times in the content, particularly in the so-called “hot” areas: title, h1, h2, heading, URLs. Also, don’t forget to place them in your paragraphs. However, avoid over-optimizing your blog post by resorting to keyword stuffing. This is a practice strongly sanctioned by Google (in particular, the Panda algorithm).

As a general rule, a keyword should come up once every 100 words. Also, consider using synonyms or expressions comparable to your keyword to broaden your SEO reach and make your content more fluid. For the SEO Company New Zealand, this is important.

Write an Article with High Added Value

A blog article aims above all to answer questions from Internet users. In this sense, you must position yourself as an expert who offers solutions to them. By writing an article with high added value, not only will you retain your readership, but you will also boost your notoriety.

And What about the Length of the Article?

When writing for the web, remember to consider the length of the content to reference. Generally, an article must be long enough to fully answer the questions of Internet users. By the way, remember that a blog post of 1000 words will be more preferable to a small press of 300 words. Be careful not to overfill because the quality of your content could suffer.

Don’t Forget the Pictures and Videos

To make reading blog posts enjoyable, nothing better than including images, info-graphics, or videos that illustrate your point. Indeed, visual content brings a strong added value to an article. Better yet, you can also add animations (gifs) to add a more playful touch. From the SEO Company NZ, this is important.

Suppose you have a travel blog, and you want to write about “The 7 most beautiful islands of Madagascar”, but it does not include any photos. In that case, it is quite possible that the article in question does not have a good referencing on Google since it does not meet the need of a reader in search of escape. These are the tips that you can opt for, and these are the finest options there.

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