Tips for Finding Genuine Attestation Service Provider in UAE

Tips for Finding Genuine Attestation Service Provider in UAE
Attestation Service Provider in UAE

Congratulations on the decision to choose UAE for migration! Everyone likes to have a highly paid job, an elite lifestyle, and better growth prospects. Being one of the most developed countries, UAE offers all of the above and more. An expatriate can have a settled, comfortable, joyful, and rewarding life in this peaceful piece of land in the middle-east.   

The authorities in the country don’t want miscreants to enter and create problems for both the officials and the other individuals. Examining the documents pertaining to the ex-pat applicant is one of the ways to confirm that only qualified persons, with a clear background, are entering the nation. The complex task of attestation involves different departments and ministries in the country of origin and culminates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE.

Are you in a dilemma about the process of attestation for the UAE?

Most of the immigrants are. That’s where attestation services in UAE can help you. They will pursue the process of attestation that entails a repeated visit to relevant departments and constant monitoring. Completing the attestation in a stipulated time frame and handing over the attested document to you at your doorstep. Nonetheless, you must be careful whilst selecting the attestation service provider in UAE. Because a fake attestation service in the UAE can land you in trouble.

The Reasons for Hiring an Attestation Service in UAE

All those, who are confused about hiring an attestation service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other region in the UAE may go through the below reasons that narrate the benefits of assigning the task of attestation to a professional agency.

  • The professional team experienced enough to handle the attestation formalities and complete it in a time-bound manner.
  • Hiring the agency will save time, energy and relieve you of the stress of running around the offices
  • You can focus on the preparation for the travel or arrangements related to the new job or similar activities.
  • Relieves you of the concern about the fruitful completion of the process.
  • The certified attestation agency provides reliable services at affordable rates.

How to Find a Genuine Attestation Service Provider in UAE?

We are enumerating the tips you can consider whilst looking for an attestation agency in UAE.

  • Check whether the agency is an approved one. You can go through the certificates issued by the authority approving the operation of the attestation services in the UAE.
  • Read the testimonials. Of course, many agencies use fake testimonials to proclaim their high performance. Most of the time, you will be able to differentiate the real ones from the fake ones.
  • Handpick a few attestation agencies in Dubai (or any other emirate in the country) and discuss the process they have formulated for commercial, non-educational, and educational certificate attestation in UAE. It will give you an idea about the efficacy of the procedure and determine which will suit you the best.
  • Ask how they will be assuring the safety of the documents. You will be handing over important certificates and documents to the agency. Loss of the same can turn troublesome. Assess the steps they pursue to ensure the safety, the credibility of the international courier partner they use, the tracking process of the documents, and other areas of relevance.
  • Hire an agency that has an office in the home country as well. Some agencies would be undertaking the task of attestation in the country of origin through third parties. It is better to avoid such firms. Since tracking of the documents may become difficult in such a case.
  • Confirm the experience and expertise of the professionals at the agency.
  • Examine the packages offered. Avoid the firms that charge exorbitantly or too cheap to believe. You don’t have to pay a high amount when you can get it done at competitive rates from leading attestation services in UAE. Further, too cheap a package may turn a fake attestation provider. Remember that fake attestation can cause you a lifetime ban.
  • Talk to your friends or colleagues if they have ever used an attestation service in the country.

Believe in your gut feeling and go ahead with the agency that seems right.

The Suggestion:

We suggest you find a trustworthy attestation service in UAE and assign them the task of attestation. It is not at all advisable to run around from office to office, thinking to comply with the formalities by yourself. It will be tiresome and will result in extra expenditure than you pay to the agency. The professionals at the firm would have enough experience and knowledge about the procedure for attestation of different documents. They will complete it in a quicker time than you think.

Identify a reputed attestation firm in the country and discuss the package. The packages would be depending on the urgency of the documents. Therefore, start the formality well in advance.

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