The Top & Useful Architectural Tips for A Modern Home Design

The Top & Useful Architectural Tips for A Modern Home Design
Modern Home Design

In the modern world, what everyone aims for is a compactly designed modern house, that not only has an elegant curb appeal but is functional at the same time.

Hence the top architectural drawing services in Sutton make sure that both the interior and exterior architecture design of a residential building suit the needs of the client.

These top architects have shared their insightful tips that any homeowner can follow to get a quality home design. You can apply these tips to a small apartment as well as a 4 bedroom bungalow architectural design.

Let’s get started

Do Not Go for Complex Floor Plans

Keep your floor plan simple, easy to navigate through, and something that your architect can easily understand. Do not opt for complicated floor plans that may confuse the planners, the builders, and yourself as well.

Schedule a meeting with your architect, and clearly state what you want in your house. Make sure you communicate clearly, and even better if you can show some reference images from magazines or real home designs. This will make the life of your architect much easier.

opt for Neutral Colours For Your Interior Decor

The latest trend for elegant interior designs makes use of light, neutral, or pastel colors the modern-day spaces opt for clean, spacious, and minimalistic designs that feature the use of maximum natural light from the windows and ceilings.

So, when deciding the interior color for paints, furniture, and decor, go for neutral tones or pastels. Consider the view from your windows, and then decide on the colour palettes that will marry well with the theme.

All in all, a modern-day architect will advise you to stick to neutral colours rather than opting for a bright and gaudy colour palette. However, this also depends on your liking and choices. But tons of white, beige, and greys can never wrong.

Another thing you do is, colour break your neutral theme with a single bold colour such as orange, or blue. It will give a well-balanced appearance.

Pay A Great Deal of Attention to The Exterior Colour Palettes!

The latest home designs feature wall-sized windows and doors; hence the selection of the colour palette is greatly influenced by the exterior.

Let’s say you have a mountainous view from your main hall’s window, then you can opt for nature-based themes with tones of greens and browns. Perhaps, add wooden furniture.

However, as far as the exterior paints are concerned, they are determined by the type of siding. But generally, people opt for black, grey, and white for their exterior paint.

Select the Right Furnishing, Decor, And Other Additional Accessories

To finish the look of your elegant and modern home, you have to opt for the right type of furnishings and additional accessories that blend and complement the interior as well as the exterior design of your home.

However, do not forget one thing, that the latest home designs are straightforward, simple, and clean. Hence, you do not need extravagant accessories and furnishings. Keep it minimalistic and clutter-free.

Whatever you select, even if it is a couch or a side table, place it in the right corner and make sure it is not too gaudy and loud. In modern homes, everything is aligned with the walls and is rightly sized.

The doors, window designs, and furniture must blend well with the colour themes and design of your house. So, when you go out to browse the furniture and accessories, do not off track with the items that look good may not fit well with your home’s theme.

Keep in Mind the Following Aspects of Your Home When You Go Out to Buy Your Accessories:

  • The lighting and fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation system
  • Rack’s holders, shelves, rods, etc
  • Wall Paints
  • Cabinet Hardware and Style

Keep It Simple & Clutter-Free

Once again, we cannot emphasize enough that the modern and latest home designs are simple, neat, and clutter-free. They do not feature extravagant items that look out of place or over-stuffed.

Another great tip that any good architect will tell you would be to be very practical and intentional with your storage space inside. Make sure you have enough space and you can manage it well.

Only keep the items, belongings, and accessories that you truly need, and get rid of the items that have no use and are simply there to occupy space.

However, if you keep a smart plan for storage in your home with the right number of cabinets, storage rooms, drawers, etc, you will not find the need to get rid of anything that is dear to you or holds a memory.

Here were our top architectural tips for your modern home design shared by some of the best architects around the world.

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