The Most Lucrative App Development Platform

The Most Lucrative App Development Platform

Technologies always brought excitement with them as we have become more and more dependent on them. Out of the many exciting technologies we have witnessed, mobile application development is an era-defining technology that has now become the need for businesses and individuals around the globe.

We all know about the iOS platform that is owned by Apple Inc. along with Android, iOS is the leading mobile app development in the world with 18% of the market share. What makes iOS the most attractive app development is the number of incentives that Apple pays iOS app developers. According to a report by, Apple had paid a hefty amount of $155 billion in 2020, and an amount of $120 billion in 2019. As of 2018, there were 20 million registered iOS app developers on the iOS platform earning some amazing incentives.

The above reasons are enough to make any business feel attracted to hire a reputable iPhone app development services provider and to get an app built. Also, the number of iPhone devices is enormously increasing every year, currently, there are some 925 million active iPhones in the world. Isn’t it an exciting opportunity for business owners to get a user-friendly app developed and to have a chance to reach out to such a big audience?

Top iPhone App Development Trends in 2021:

As iOS has become the most happening portable application advancement stage on the planet, new patterns keep on coming in and make the stage more versatile for organizations.

  • AI and ML: No matter which industry a business comes from, AI and ML are the technologies that every business is trying to adapt to improve business processes and interaction with the customers. For example, Facebook now shows users the data according to their tastes and preferences using AI technology. According to a report of International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI industry is likely to hit $47 billion in revenue this year.
  • Stability and Security: We all know Apple puts so much effort and focus to make its platform more stable and secured by continuously improving its algorithms. This trend will likely grow this year, as well as the iOS platform, has become a platform where businesses and developers are hopping over. If you are looking to get an iOS app developed for your business this year, a reputable software company that offers iPhone app development services can help you get a stable and secured app.
  • Augmented Reality: AR is the next viral trend that we all are going to experience in mobile app development this year. We have already seen people’s obsession with AR supported games such as Pokémon Go in the recent past. A global home-furniture manufacturer is using AR technology to give users a better and realistic shopping experience.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): There’s no doubt that the IoT is going to be the next big trend in iPhone app development in 2021. IoT technology provides a lot of smartness and ease to users to have great connectivity and sharing across multiple devices. reveals that the market for IoT will go on to hit $1.6 trillion in revenues by 2025. The cheap availability of mobile devices and the internet are the prime reasons behind the viral trend of IoT.
  • Wearable Technology: The estimates are incredible: The wearable tech market should hit around $62 billion by the end of 2021. Many wearable devices like fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart jewelry, and so on are available on the market. They can be entirely different in nature with similar features.

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Given the above trends in iOS app development that are primarily concerned with providing more convenience to customers and business owners, it’s inevitable for businesses to have an iOS app developed. SoftCircles is a US-based software company that offers top-notch iPhone app development services to help businesses overcome their challenges and go digital. We offer a wide array of iPhone app development services and features that makes us the right technology partner for any business. Using different technologies, our app developers build robust and seamless mobile apps.

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