The best Power Banks to re-charge your Smartphone and iPhone on the go

The best Power Banks to re-charge your Smartphone and iPhone on the go
Power Banks to re-charge your Smartphone

On this site you will find useful tips to choose the most reliable Power Banks on the market that will help you keep your smartphone battery charged and make it last longer.

Unfortunately, it often happened to me to arrive in the middle of the day with the iPhone almost empty, especially due to hectic use. Buying a portable battery charger for smartphones has helped me a lot to increase the battery life, but with experience I realized that when using this type of portable battery you have to be very careful, because you risk seriously damaging your smartphone device. .

Unfortunately my iPhone 6 served as a lesson, from that moment on I have more carefully chosen the Power Bank to use and on this site I will advise you which are the best Power Banks on the market and which ones to buy to best charge your smartphone.

What is a Power Bank?

It is a simple extra rechargeable battery, usually small in size, convenient to carry in your bag, shoulder strap or even in your pocket, very light (the weight depends on the battery capacity expressed in mAh to store energy) useful when the smartphone battery or tablet you are about to download.

In fact, it is known that although our mobile phones are now able to do extraordinary things, batteries today represent the Achilles’ heel for devices capable of connecting us with the world and consuming much much more than what happened years ago. Facebook, Whats app, Instagram, Email and various applications greatly affect the battery life of the various smartphones which unfortunately cannot withstand prolonged use.

Using a Power Bank better than 10,000 mAh, allows us to keep the smartphone battery charged, especially when we are away from home and have no way to connect to a power outlet.

How does a Power Bank work?

The operation of the Power Bank is quite simple: just connect our smartphone (such as an iPhone, Samsung or a tablet, etc.) through the charging cable already in our possession to the USB output of the Power Bank, in this way we obtain a extra charge of our smartphone that you can use whenever you need it.

And when the Power Bank has finished its charge, in turn it will be possible to recharge it at the power socket again through a USB cable supplied to bring it back to its maximum functionality.

By now everyone has a portable Power Bank at hand, especially if we use the smartphone a lot both for work and for leisure.

How long does it take to recharge a Power bank?

There are different models of Power Bank, with different capacities (5000mAh, 10000mAh, 15000mAh, 30000mAh…) and related charging times. This means that the larger the capacity of your emergency battery, the more hours it will take to recharge it. Let’s say that a medium-large Power Bank needs from 2 to 5 hours to recharge, while for the larger ones it can even reach 10 hours, but they guarantee the possibility of recharging your smartphone even more than 20 times with the same charge!

How many times will my smartphone recharge?

If you are wondering how many times you will be able to fully recharge your smartphone with a Power Bank, just divide the power of the Power Bank expressed in mAh (10,000mAh, 15,000mAh, 30,000mAh …) by the battery capacity of your smartphone.

How to choose a Power Bank?

The market offers different types of Power Banks (Wireless Power Bank, Solar Charging Power Bank …), and once purchased, you can be sure of having a universal accessory with you, that is, thanks to its USB port, any type of device, smartphone or tablet that is: Apple, Samsung, Huawei …

The advice I can give you is to choose the Power Banks that are of the best brands to avoid unpleasant inconveniences like the one that happened to me with my iPhone 🙁

If you don’t know which one to choose here you can find my ranking!

Price is another factor to take into consideration, so my advice is to buy from certified sellers with a reputation behind them (prices range from $ 15 to $ 35 for a good durable Power Bank) rather than from sellers. street vendors or shops selling cheap but dubious Power Banks that put the security of your smartphone at risk.

Where to buy a Reliable Power Bank!

You can buy an external portable battery charger in any electronics store (Media World, Walmart, Unieuro, Expert …) but my advice is to buy it online because you will find many more advantageous offers!

I have tried to collect in a single page the best Power Banks on the market, all of excellent brands, some of which have been personally tested.

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