Tadiandamol Trek A Must Do Trek

Tadiandamol Trek A Must Do Trek

A very famous trek among southern India’s trekking culture. Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most talked-about treks in the Western Ghats among trekkers beginning their trekking trip and even experienced trekkers. The trek also attracts many tourists to Madikeri or Coorg, a popular hill town.

The trek takes you to the Kodagu district’s highest peak and Karnataka’s third-highest peak. The Tadiandamol trek is also known to be called the Western Ghats trek that involves the Bhagamandala Range Forest Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Trekking through a combination of dense shola forests and stream crossings, a carpet of beautiful grasslands, will lead you here. Added to this the joy of reaching Tadiandamol’s height trekking through the clouds is certainly something you have to experience.

What you can look out for

The view from the top is spectacular to behold, standing at a height of 5,735 feet. As far as the eyes can see, you can see the green hills scattered all over. This spreads from the peak in all directions. Evergreen forests are filling the valleys which makes it beautiful when you see.

In the higher mountain regions, the Shola forests are stunted tropical forests located in valleys amid rolling grassland. For different flora and fauna, the trek is a hotspot. 

During this entire stretch of the trek, one can spot coffee estates and pepper plantations. You have Arecanut (Betel nut) trees, Nutmeg trees, fishtail palms, and numerous other trees growing here along with these.

You will probably see millipedes, Calotes Versicolor lizards, several species of butterflies if you are a keen observer while trekking through the trees, and if you are lucky, maybe even see a snake slithering across the trail on its way. If you are trekking in the monsoon or post-monsoon season, you will certainly have the company of leeches.

The trek is divided into four parts:

  • Walk to Nalknad Palace on the road from Kakkabe Bridge 
  • A gentle climb from Nalknad Palace to Tadiandamol Base 
  • Trek from Tadiandamol Base to Boulder Point 
  • Climb to the peak of Tadiandamol from Boulder Point

The best time to do the Tadiandamol trek is between September and February. 

You can see the lush greenery of the Coorg area in its full glory after the monsoon. The trek can be extended until the pre-summer season, with a combination of brown and green for much of the trek. Compared to the monsoon season, you would have slightly clearer views. 

The season in the summer is vulnerable to wildfires. Trekking is therefore not tolerated during the summer peak season (April to June). 

As such, there are no complicated parts, but note down a few things to bear in mind while trekking. 

It can be slippery to trek in the forest area. 

Make sure that you wear the right trekking shoes and take with you two trekking poles. 

In the forest portion, crossing the two streams can be a little tricky. 

Look out for the moss-covered bricks. It would be difficult to survive any minor twists or sprains on the trek or evacuate them.

In the event of rain, the final stretch to the peak of Tadiandamol would be very slippery. 

So if you are trekking, take extra care during the monsoon season.

Light bag. Do not overwhelm yourself with stuff that is unnecessary. For all the basics, bring a small backpack. Except for one at the forest checkpoint, there are no mid-way stores. To keep yourself energized throughout the journey, bring your water bottles and energy bars. The trek is a little complicated. So it’s better not to pack many items, just some necessary survival items. 

On all days, trekkers are authorized to trek between 6 am and 6 pm. You are not permitted to trek past the forest check post after 2:30 pm, however. 

Early in the morning or before noon would be the best time to start your trek. This will ensure that before dusk you are back to the base of Tadiandamol or Kakkabe. It easily takes around 3 to 4 hours to hike from. 

Starting your trek in the afternoon is not advisable. It gets easier to hit the base of Kakkabe when the sun sets in the evening.

So get ready to pack your bags to enjoy the trek. 

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