Symptoms of a faulty gearbox

Symptoms of a faulty gearbox

Different components and systems together make the functioning of a vehicle possible. Annual vehicle maintenance is always recommended to keep a check on the entire vehicle. A minor issue may turn into a major one if left unnoticed for a long time. This means expensive repairs and a lot of hectic work. After spending a major amount on a vehicle, costly repairs feel like a burden.

All the components of your car need timely replacement and checks. This helps in maintaining a track record of your car’s well-being. The Gearbox Repair Aldershot, exhaust system, brakes, batteries, etc are some of the components which should be repaired or replaced on time. Not doing so can affect the car’s performance and cause further damages.

Gearbox and its replacement

Ever seen the speed at which your wheels rotate? They don’t move at a faster pace as compared to the speed of your car. However, both of these aspects should be matched to make the movement possible. This is the job of the gearbox that enables the car to transfer high power to the wheels.

Briefly, a gearbox assists in changing the gears of a car depending on the situation and road conditions. It transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. The objective may sound simple but the complete process is quite complex.

Signs of a retired gearbox

Lights: you will always notice the check engine light or error indicator lighting up whenever an issue occurs with one of the systems. The same happens with the gearbox. A damaged or worn gearbox will always be indicated through the check engine light or dashboard warning lights.

No gear change: This is one of the major symptoms of a faulty gearbox. When you are not able to change the gear, know that it’s time to buy a new one.

Loud noises: Again, noisy cars are never good for your driving experience. Rattling, cracking, or hissing noises from a vehicle always signify something unpleasant. Loud and weird noises coming from the gears, even if you are in neutral, are clear symptoms of gearbox replacement.

Unpleasant smells: You can easily distinguish between a normal smell coming from some factory and burning or other pungent smells inside the car. Smells also signify gearbox problems.

An average garage will charge you almost £3500 for a gearbox replacement. But this cost may increase if you delay the replacement. This happens because the gearbox negatively affects the overall performance of your car.

Why does an exhaust emission system need timely service?

The primary objective of an exhaust system is to drive harmful fumes away from the passenger cabin. These fumes can have harmful implications on your body. Diseases like asthma, lung cancer, and various other respiratory problems can trouble you due to long exposure to these fumes. This is why an exhaust system should be repaired immediately.

Fluid leaks and burning smells usually signify a worn or damaged exhaust emission system. You are advised to get the entire vehicle checked during the annual maintenance check-up. All the issues should be fixed during the service. A delay can risk your safety and also deplete the performance of your car.

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