Signs your Garage Door Springs need to be Repaired!

Signs your Garage Door Springs need to be Repaired!
Garage Door Springs

Garage door service and maintenance are vital for every homeowner. The constant use of your garage door can wear down its springs over time, causing your door to malfunction or stop working altogether. If you don’t know how to spot issues with your garage door springs, it can lead to more significant problems for you and your family. This article talks about some common signs that you may need to look out for before you need a garage door spring repair.

Garage Door Is Heavier Than Normal

Residential garage doors typically weigh around 150 lbs. Your garage door’s torsion springs assist with lifting the door, which is why you can open a heavy door with minimal effort. Daily use and exposure to the elements will gradually wear out the springs and reduce their efficiency. When this happens, you will notice it takes more time for the door to go up, and it goes down more quickly when you close it. And when the spring completely breaks, the door will not open all the way. This type of problem might require an emergency garage door repairto resolve.

Cables Are Loose

Torsion springs work in combination with the garage door cables. Most of the time, homeowners blame the garage door cables when the problem lies with a faulty torsion spring. The cables are kept in place by the pressure on the torsion spring. They will slip out of place when the torsion spring breaks and uncoils. So if ever you spot any dangling, loose, or slack cables, it is most likely that the spring is not functioning properly or is completely broken. Garage door technicians may recommend a garage door spring replacement to reduce potential risks of injury or property damage due to the garage door closing too fast.

Crooked Garage Door 

Broken extension springs are one of the culprits behind a crooked garage door. If you notice that your garage door is not even as it moves along the track, check the extension springs for any issues. The extension springs on each side of the door pull the door independently. One side of the door will not be drawn properly if any of the springs are broken, resulting in a crooked door. Do not attempt to fix a crooked garage door. Garage door service professionals can easily handle uneven or unbalanced doors.

Garage Door Makes Noise

Torsion springs are large, thick springs that use tension and pressure to assist with lifting the door. A loud, gunshot-like sound coming from your garage can mean the torsion spring has snapped. A torsion spring makes a loud, distinct noise as it unwinds and spirals around its shaft. Inspecting it, you should be able to see a gap in the spring where it broke. When there is a visible gap between the rings in your torsion spring, contact an overhead garage door repair company for help.

Generally, a garage door spring system’s lifespan is about seven to twelve years, depending on usage. After which time, it must be replaced, whether worn out or broken. Replacing faulty springs is one part of preventive maintenance services you can do to keep your garage door running smoothly.

Do you know what to look for when you’re checking out the condition of your garage door? If you are experiencing any of these issues, Fixxed Garage Doors is servicing the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area 24/7. We offer emergency garage door repair services for residential and commercial garage doors, as well as new garage door installation and maintenance services. Our team of technicians can fix any garage door problem that may arise. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your existing garage door.

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