Learn The Importance Of Cyber Security In The Education Sector!

Learn The Importance Of Cyber Security In The Education Sector!


With the world becoming smaller and closer with the help of the internet, the risk of cyber theft is still a growing concern across the globe. In the digital world, cyber security is a must. In recent times, cyber-attacks target big businesses, but interestingly, they are seen to target educational institutions. Let’s learn more about these attacks.

Why cyber-attack educational institutions?

Educational institutions are a prime target for cybercriminals nowadays. With the ongoing covid pandemic, schools have shifted to virtual modes. Educational institutions have a lot of sensitive data with them. World-renowned universities and academic institutions should take measures to protect the sensitive data of their institution as prescribed under the personal data protection act.

For world-renowned educational institutions, the implications of such attacks can significantly harm the reputation and fame that they have built over the years.

Types of cyber-attacks on educational institutions

  1. Distributed denial of service: A DDOS attack interferes with the internet connection and network access and slows down productivity online.
  2. Espionage: In this, the cyber-attackers spy on the online activities of the students and teachers or others in that educational institution. These data can be stolen and used to threaten or bully the user. Get a PDPA Certification Singapore to prevent cybercriminals from stealing or manipulating educational data from unprotected networks.
  3. Data theft: When espionage is used to steal sensitive data like student contact information, personal information of students and staff, grading systems, educational data, etc., from an educational institution, it is called data theft.
  4. Ransomware attack: When cybercriminals block access to the educational institution’s data until the demanded amount of money is paid to them, that is called a ransomware attack.

How do prevent these attacks?

  • Everyone in the educational institution must be well aware of how to spot suspicious online activity and resolve it. It is important to introduce a training program on PDPA.
  • The educational institutions should install an IT team that can help in protecting sensitive data from being stolen protect against ransomware, phishing attacks, and DDOS attacks.
  • Ask the students and teachers to set up a two-step authentication to provide an extra level of security which requires the user to put a unique code generated on time of logging in, apart from their passwords.
  • Practice with live drills of cyberattacks during school hours and follow the set protocol to resolve and respond to such a crisis in real-time.


Every educational institution is prone to a cyber-attack. The only way to keep everyone’s data safe and protected against any kind of online malicious activity and prevent cyber-attacks is by hiring professional security and training the users.

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