Learn the art of rebranding a logo design

Learn the art of rebranding a logo design

With age comes recognition and reputation and the logo becomes an almost inseparable part of a company. Hence, when it comes to rebranding, they fear the idea of losing business. However, in today’s world, businesses are required to meet the needs of a constantly shifting customer base, evolving market, and technological innovations to give an updated look and feel to their brand, especially the logo design. Let’s learn how one can do that easily by implementing a new thought process into modern marketing and communications strategies through PowerPoint presentation design services.

Tweaking the company name

During the rebranding process, renaming the company can be quite a daunting task but you must do it only if there’s a complete business shift. If the business is changing ownership then it doesn’t matter if the brand name is or isn’t recognizable anymore. A good way to maintain brand recognition is to keep an element of the original name so that the audience knows the explanation and reasoning when the brand is being relaunched into the market. When people know how and why a decision was made, it helps give additional support to the launch.

Include recognizable icons


Think about brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Adidas. These companies have gone through a series of rebranding strategies yet you can easily identify them on a daily basis- be it on a TV commercial or on a store shelf by their iconic graphic design. In short, rebranding the logo design is a part of your ever-changing visual identity and even though there’s always a fear of unrecognizable design, a good brand strategy team can bridge the gap between a heritage brand and a forward-thinking brand so that everyone, including your target audience, benefits from the work you do.

Keeping the brand colors intact

Rebranding a logo design comes with a few rules if you’re looking to maintain continuity. Firstly, you can use the exact colors from the previous design. If the old color palette goes with your new approach and target audience then you must go along with it. However, if the colors weren’t picked according to a strategy beforehand, now is the time to revamp your color scheme by modernizing the color palette. Instead of choosing completely new colors, you can use a cooler or warmer tone for your existing ones. This can add depth to your visual scheme.

Using similar fonts

Some logos are heavily driven by typography and have a very dominant type feature. This is why changing or tweaking them is always a good idea. A similar, modern-looking font can bridge the gap between the old and new logo design. Take a leaf out of the book of big companies like Reebok, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, etc, to understand how they’ve done it.

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