Interiors v/s Exteriors: Choose Wisely

Interiors v/s Exteriors: Choose Wisely

When it comes to our homes, we all want to provide the best treatment for our walls. But complexities increase while choosing the most appropriate painting solution for our home. Understand that a single coat is not enough for your whole home including exterior and interior. You should treat your walls according to their environment and through what they go. With a wide variety of paints formulated specifically for your exteriors and interiors, British Paints is the right choice for your home makeover.

  1. Exterior Paints:

Just like a well-presented dish mesmerizes your meal experience same goes with the home’s exterior as it is a gateway to your house presentation and if it sucks then there is no point to brag about your home interiors. Your home exterior is the red carpet to your interiors. The exterior of your home is the one that goes through most of the things like, rain, dust, and harsh sunlight. The exterior of your home should go through an armored makeover protecting your exteriors from the bad impact of dynamic weather conditions. British paints with their interlinked polymers and enhance formulation, are providing your exteriors a shield to remain unaffected.

 a ) Expa Floor Coat Emulsion:

Based on the modern formula of 100% Acrylic emulsion, it is best suited for the exterior floor tiles offering you a great water-resistant coating. Expo Floor makes sure that you walk inside your house in style.


  1. Soft Sheen
  2. Anti-Fungal
  3. Durability
  4. Silicon Protection
  5. Scrub Resistant

 b) Expa 7 Exterior Emulsion:

This tough paint consists of resin binders and chemical resistant pigments making this paint more durable with never-fading color and sheen. This paint provides a super performance and lasts long making your exterior look elegant.


  1. Algae & Water Resistant
  2. Washable Paints
  3. High Sheen
  4. Warranty
  5. Colour Guard

 c)Expa Cool:

This is a 100% pure acrylic emulsion with cooling properties lowering your exterior temperature by 5 degrees. It stands strong against UV degradation and harsh climatic conditions. With enhanced formulation, this paint will protect your exteriors and keep them new.


  1. Cool Surface
  2. Better Performance
  3. Rich Sheen
  4. Algae Resistant
  5. Fungal Resistant
  1. Interiors:

You have ensured that your dish is well presented but it is very important that it should taste good and to make your interiors good, one must invest in British Paints Interior Emulsions with the latest formulation making your interiors heaven for the visitors. British Paints will allow you to boasts about the interiors to your relatives. These emulsions are resistant to every microorganism deposit, stain making your interiors unaffected for years

a) Sheer Class Splendor Luxury Emulsion:

This high-density paint consists of top-quality acrylic polymers with enhanced inter-linkage providing your walls a soft and silky shine with a premium finish. This emulsion comes with a warranty of 7 years.


  1. Better Performance
  2. Washable
  3. 7 Year Warranty
  4. Premium Finish
  5. Silky Sheen

 B) Glamour Advanced Anti Stain:

This is a water-based acrylic emulsion providing your walls a shield against stains. With a great finish and leveling, this paint will enrich your walls with a great sheen.


  1. Anti-Stain
  2. Washable
  3. Warranty
  4. Over 1000 Shades
  5. Durable

 C) Sheer Class Metallics Eco:

This emulsion is a water-based paint with a metallic finish ensuring a premium finish and class with silky smooth walls. This paint provides your interior a never-fading charm making you’re living an experience.


  1. High Gloss
  2. Premium Finish
  3. Washable

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