Industrial Style at Home: How to Get the Look and Transform Your Interiors

Industrial Style at Home: How to Get the Look and Transform Your Interiors
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As modern lifestyle trends include and cite the delight of rustic bliss, it’s not shocking anymore to see a boost in industrial style client requests over the past several seasons, which is for good purpose. Just imagine that industrial style decor is married to polished modernity and of classical charm with a natural, homely feel to create the perfect usage of contrasts. 

However, do you really understand what industrial style actually means for your interior design? You might be curious about how you should design your home with an industrial style without making the look work for you without it going off as an ungrateful theme, well, we’re here to help you out. 

What is industrial style? 

This type of style is about embellishment and fuss-free realistic decor that gets inspiration from the towering look of factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures. Industrial style decor comes with unadorned architectural details such as the use of metals, wood, and bare bricks, together with restored and recycled materials. Industrial style furnishings are normally hardwearing and often obtained from recovered yards. 

The most amazing benefit of having industrial-style homes is that you’ll have the chance to style the look using furniture and decor that are entirely unique to your home. 

1. Get inspiration from buildings that have historic pasts 

Prior to knowing what kind of industrial details you want for your home, consider looking at buildings that have historic past that will reveal to you amazing ideas you may not know about. Designs that are common in warehouse and manufacturing districts are exposed brick walls, steel columns and timber roof trusses without drywalls wrap. 

You may visit your local downtown city to check if there is a restoration of older buildings. With a lot of cities across the globe, the restoration of barns, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities into office buildings and deluxe condos continues to rise. 

2. Have the freedom to use your favorite rustic metals for the interior 

During the day of iron and steel manufacturing in the United States and other places across the world, it became prominent to use industrial products and metals in lighting fixtures, plumbing, doorknob hardware, cabinet and structural parts in roof and column elements. Nowadays, it looks amazing to use wrought iron as ornamental and structural for your modern home. Aside from that, explore brushed nickel, cast iron metals, and copper to create an industrial and organic appeal to your home. 

3. Avoid certain plush fabrics with industrial style furniture 

When it comes to materials, you must not use plush fabrics with industrial furniture. Rather, choose utilitarian and heavy-duty materials, and source furnishings that you can provide restoration to. You may also go to local antique shops for furniture made from iron, aluminum, steel, tin, wood, stone, and copper as these are the go-to materials for excellent industrial style homes. Make sure you take advantage of metal elements and wooden floors, bare steel beams, and countertops that look distressed.

4. Opt for neutral palettes for the colors of your interior

For the design of your industrial-style living room, you may choose neutral palettes that consist of grey, white, and black. If you want to insert some moody layers, you can use hints of darker tones. Don’t forget to include your personality and some fun in your home with vibrant art that can be used as a contrast if you don’t want to have a strong masculine industrial style decor. 

5. Use squared lines and blocky shapes for silhouettes 

A house with industrial interior design mainly has squared lines and blocky shapes that highlight the utilitarian unity in the entire look of your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to stay away from abstract shapes and organic curves, you just need to keep them to a minimum if you want to preserve a well-explored industrial feel. 

6. Combine and pair modern elements with industrial charm 

Many homeowners love their industrial style at home because they enjoy mixing and matching their current contemporary styles with bygone inspired architectural details. If you haven’t done this yet, you may start with your kitchen first since it’s the easiest room to apply this. If your home has modern appliances with sleek stainless steel or merged cabinetry with a complementing panel on your appliance fronts, you may acquire hints from the industrial era with plain hardware to provide a cue for industrial elements. 

You may also use pendant lightings like filament lighting that has Edison-style bulbs to create an industrial look and retro lighting as well as selecting fixtures with rustic metals and details that can elevate your kitchen quickly. 

7. Don’t use too many accessories 

An industrial home should be minimal, so limit the use of accessories. For your industrial-style bedroom, you must maintain the surfaces clutter-free and clean. When it comes to the furniture of the bedroom and accessories, keep it provincial but with a touch of contemporary. You can use metal structures, large abstract wall art, and other fascinating objects from the recycling yard if you want to initiate conversations. The entire look and feel of your industrial-style room must be masculine and refreshing with unique elements, but not too much! 

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