How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Easily

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Easily

Erectile dysfunction is treatable at every stage with medication and nonmedication methods. The right dose is essential to get the solution without enhancing the fewer side effects of medicines, which are common.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is itself a big mental frustration for a man, choosing the right dose adds to the tension.  Without the right dose of medicine, the intended purpose cannot be solved. As only the right dose, lets a man experience the benefit and avoid the adverse events that might occur from a higher than required dose.

Picking up a right ED dose

Let us understand what erectile dysfunction is and why picking up the right dose is crucial to ensure better results. Erectile dysfunction is a term given to the erection difficulties a man experience in the adult lift. Any man in the 18 -65 year group or beyond can experience erection difficulty due to some physical, mental, or emotional issues. Often a younger male has psychological issues behind erection problems, than medical issues. Medical problems such as prostate enlargement, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, etc create erectile dysfunction for seniors.

Whatever is the problem, at the biological level, it is a lack of sufficient blood flow in the spongy tissue of the male organ. The male organ needs a maximum flow of blood with minimum inflow to remain in an enlarged position. Then as per medical suggestions, stimulation is needed to get the erection.

The degree of erectile issues varies from male to male. In males over 50, erection resistance is higher. It will be still higher in males over 60. This is primarily due to a reduction in blood circulation which results when blood vessels become less flexible in older males. This condition creates demand for a higher dose of Sildenafil citrate 200mg to overcome higher resistance to an erection. The higher dose suggested by the doctor overcomes the degree of resistance to the erection process. Medical experts prescribe a higher dose only when smaller doses did not give the desired result to the satisfaction of the user. So the right dose is an antidote to the particular degree of erectile dysfunction.

Positives from the right dose far outweigh a few sides- effects

Every ED medicine has few side effects, which are due to increased blood circulation in the blood. A headache, dizziness, nausea, blue vision tint in case of a sildenafil dose, and some flushing, etc are common side- effects. A higher than required dose will enhance the side effects. You will never release its intended benefits.

But when a doctor judges a dose for you depending on your erectile dysfunction degree, you will never feel enhanced side effects. This is because the dose level will give you benefits by overcoming your higher degree. The minor side -effects will never interfere with your intended purpose.

Keep the following factors get to the right dose

Your lifestyle and need to keep dose influence short is the prime factor that will make it easier to get the right dose. Levitra 60 mg, a higher dose for severe cases of an erectile problem, has an influence period of 4-5 hours. It begins action in less than 30 minutes. It remains unaffected by food. And, it is chemically 10 more powerful than a sildenafil dose. All chemicals of the dose get eliminated from the body through the natural process after 24 hours.

Males who do not want to live under a long influence can opt for shorter durational doses after consultations with a medical expert. The doctor may keep the dose level low if the underlying causes of the erectile issue are emotional and psychological in nature.

Longer impact duration for weekends

Some males prefer an ED dose that helps them to extend the impact duration to more than one day. Whatever is the degree of your erection problem, the doctor will prescribe the relevant dose for 36 hours of ability to get an erection. It could be Cialis 60mg, a higher dose. A single dose is sufficient to retain the blood flow for an erection for one and a half-day. The suitability of the dose and tolerability level of the body is checked by the doctor.


The right dose of erectile dysfunction medicine not only overcomes the erectile problem but also keeps the side effects in check. It ensures maximum benefits without enhancing the negative of chemicals in the doses. It also suits your lifestyle and schedule for the day. Consult your doctor and explain your need and let the doctor come to the right conclusion with the right dose.

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