How to style your hair without using heat or a blow dryer?

How to style your hair without using heat or a blow dryer?

Here, you will learn hair and makeup courses without using heat or a hairdryer. It is possible! The only products that should be used are hair spray, hair gel, and hair creams.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • If your hair is too wet – use a towel to absorb the excess water before proceeding with styling your hair. Don’t rub it so hard, just lightly pat the hair with a towel until it stops dripping.
  • You can start by braiding your hair or putting it in a ponytail if you want an updo hairstyle similar to this one. This hairstyle does not require any hairspray because the braid helps keep everything together while you’re sleeping.
  • If your hair is not long enough to make a braid, make two ponytails instead of one. They do not have to be too tight because hair creams work nicely in this case. You can then use hair spray or hair gel on the ends of hair for more hold and separation of each hair strand (follow hair cream instructions).
  • Make a bun with your hair – don’t forget to part it properly on both sides so that there are no lumps or bumps on top of your head before putting the bun together! Don’t fasten it too much, just properly fix all hairs strands around the base so they stay put while you sleep. Use some metal pins if necessary, but try to avoid them as much as you can. Use hair spray or hair gel to make it stay put for a longer time if needed.
  • Create a ponytail on one side of your head – this will help hair to stay separated and hair cream will do the job nicely by leaving it shiny and hydrated without making hair stiff after several hours. Just twist hair strands around your finger, pull them up and fasten with a hair elastic near the base of your neck. Don’t forget to always part hair properly before fixing it! You can also make a bun or two braids instead if you prefer them over ponytails since they are easier to do in the morning when you don’t have much time for styling your hair (just follow tips 1-3.)
  • If your hair is not long enough to do a bun or two braids, leave hair as it is and fix it with hair spray so hair strands don’t get separated during the night.
  • You can finish your hairstyling process by making waves in hair using hair curlers. As for hair sprays and hair gels, use them according to their instructions on how much amount should be used and where. They come out quite nicely if you know how to use them appropriately – just like this:
  • And finally here’s one more hairstyle that works amazingly both for short and long-haired girls:

Combine braiding and ponytails;

Get the braid right next to the base of your hair and hair spray it from the inside. Then make a ponytail right above the braid – fix hair elastic tight enough to give hair nice volume at the crown of your head;

Make a bun after that by following tip 5, but do not hair spray it yet because you’re going to need hair spray for a final touch before going to bed.

  • If hair is too oily, use hair spray or hair gel on hair strands lightly without rubbing them into hair because this will add more oil to your locks. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb instead if necessary and start styling your hair by braiding/twisting it around two fingers from one side starting from near the nape of your neck upwards so that each section gets smaller and hair looks thicker because of the volume, then hair spray it.
  • Wash hair in the morning after sleeping with hair styling products to avoid hair getting greasy quickly. Use hair shampoo or hair mask – whatever your hair needs are at that moment (follow instructions on hair product packaging).
  • If you’re not washing your hair before going to sleep, try using dry shampoo instead since it will absorb oil nicely without making the head look too white or powdery. Just make sure not to use too much because this stuff can be quite messy! Be careful when applying dry shampoo near your scalp by tapping it onto strands for a minute – not longer than one minute though because this will irritate skin and may cause redness afterward.

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