How To Lose Weight Without Exercise At Home

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise At Home

In today’s running life it is very important to take care of yourself. If you are good today, you will be able to do better tomorrow. In today’s time, the body can be called the home of diseases, so in this case, work cautiously.

Increased weight is the cause of many diseases. According to the doctor, even after losing weight, problems can be avoided to some extent. Losing weight is not easy, but it can definitely be tried.

Why is it important to lose weight

It is believed that increasing weight causes many diseases. Obesity, sugar, heart problem is the main. If your weight is not kept under control, then all these diseases come in its form. Losing weight leads our daily, physical activity in the right direction in the right way. Keeping the weight controlled keeps the metabolic rate right, so pay full attention to the weight.

If you are troubled by your increasing weight, then we are going to tell you the effective ways to lose weight, you should definitely include them in your daily routine.

How to lose weight in a domestic way

If you are very upset with the increasing weight, then home remedies can be taken.

1) Lemon and Honey– These two ingredients are believed to be the main contributors to weight loss . If you drink a spoonful of honey in warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning and drink it daily, you will soon feel the difference.

2) Apple Vinegar– Apple is beneficial in fruits, but if you drink a little honey mixed with apple vinegar, it can help in weight loss. Pepperine fiber in apples plays an important role in weight loss.

3) Cabbage– Cabbage is used more and more as vegetables and salads, because the territic acid present in the cabbage prevents carbohydrates from being converted into fat. In this case, it is better not to fry the cabbage too much.

4) Celery Powder– If you drink celery powder in hot water then it will benefit. If honey is mixed together it will be even better.

5) Cardamom– If you want to lose weight, eat cardamom daily. If taken before bed at night, it will be more beneficial. Cardamom reduces frozen fat and aids digestion.

6) Triphala Churna– Triphala powder is beneficial for you. If you keep Triphala powder soaked in the night and boil it in the morning till it becomes half. Also add one spoon of honey to it. Weight loss can be reduced by regular intake.

7) Mint– It eliminates our digestive problems. If the juice of mint is dissolved in water and drunk, then surely you will succeed.

8) Amla– Amla is found in vitamin C and is also an anti-oxidant. It is also helpful in reducing weight by correcting metabolism. In this case, if you take amla daily, it is beneficial for you.

9) Turmeric– Turmeric contains many nutrients, which strengthen the body. These nutrients are iron, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, which also reduce fat from the body.

10) Anise– If you get fennel, grind it fine and drink it with lukewarm water, then it will be very beneficial.

11) Green Tea– If green tea is drunk before bedtime, then it keeps metabolism right and keeps weight under control, but avoid consuming it too much.

Take care of eating to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, keep your diet organized. There are many diets which are helpful in weight gain, abandon them completely.

  • To lose weight, if you use barley, millet, ragi, lentils, amla, sprouted grains, boiled vegetables, it is beneficial.
  • Also take cucumber, carrot, apple, beetroot.
  • Always eat seasonal fruits, you will get energy in it.
  • Always consume milk Milk contains calcium, which is helpful in reducing weight.
  • Whenever having dinner, lighten it only. Light food is digested quickly and it also strengthens digestive power.
  • One should not sleep immediately after meals at night. Keep at least 2 hours interval.
  • Never eat food in a hurry, chew it well and eat it.

Change your lifestyle

If you want to lose weight apart from catering continuously, make a big change in your lifestyle as well.

1) Wake up in the morning, leave laziness and go for a walk.

2) If you practice yoga in the morning, it will definitely benefit you.

3) Make a distance from fat-rich substances for weight loss.

4) Use green vegetables, curd and lentils in maximum food.

5) Drink lukewarm water.

6) If you fast for 1 day in a week, it will also benefit.

7) It will be beneficial for you to consume sprouted grains.

8) Always have sleep for 6 to 8 hours only.

Do not stop eating food

Many times people make mistakes that in order to lose weight, they stop eating food. The body needs energy, in such a situation, you are giving up food and putting yourself in trouble. You must eat food. You have to remember that you have to eat foods full of nutrients. Even if you eat a little less, giving up food is not right.

If you skip food, the body will become weak. It is also important to be careful not to eat too much food, but eat only a little less than the stomach, then a better benefit can be seen.

Best juice made to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight but are unable to control your diet, then you can lose weight with this juice. It is very easy to make and all the ingredients are available at home.

Ingredients required to make juice

  • Cucumber– One, coriander leaves – half bowl, lemon juice – one spoon, aloe vera juice – 1 tbsp, ginger – grated, water – a glass

You grind all the ingredients in the mixi and filter it and drink it. Make sure that salt is not added to it.

  • Gourd juice- Similarly, you can lose weight with gourd juice. Gourd juice is also said to be beneficial in Ayurvedic. First you peel Loki and kiss. Grind it in a grinder with a glass of water. Now filter it. If you want, rock salt can be added to it. Drinking this juice daily benefits very soon, you must try it.

Important diet to lose weight

Whenever you think of losing weight, it is important to have a diet chart that can help you.

1) Morning drink – If you drink lukewarm water in the morning, it will definitely be beneficial.

2) Breakfast – Breakfast to reduce weight, reduce calories. In which oats, oatmeal, brown bread, omelette can be taken.

3) Snacks – It also happens that you feel like having snacks. In this case, you can have two biscuits and green tea. Watermelon, banana, orange can also be taken to reduce weight.

4) Lunch – Special care should be taken of calories in lunch also. In such a situation, you can have brown rice, fish, lentils, broccoli, zucchini and roti. It is also mandatory to take raita, salad, green vegetable and lentils simultaneously. In this case, do not take white bread and use less oil.

5) Evening Breakfast – Sometimes even in the evening if you feel hungry, you can have some dry fruits, boiled eggs, grilled sandwich, fruits.

6) Dinner – Remember one thing that dinner should be taken lightly. For this, you can take rice, chapati, chicken, rajma.

7) Before bed- If you take such a drink before bedtime which is helpful in reducing weight, it will be good.

What should be the correct diet chart according to age

To lose weight, it is important to follow the diet chart, but if a new diet chart is made according to age then it will be more beneficial.

1) 20 – 30 years – This age is a delicate age in which it is mandatory to take all types of diet. It is very important to have calcium, iron, palate in it. If you include milk, curd, spinach, lentils, peanuts, beans in your diet, it will be very beneficial.

2) 30 – 40 years – There is some physical problem at this age and if you want to lose weight, then definitely include the amount of magnesium. You must use almonds, spinach, cashews, curd and all vegetables.

3) 40 – 50 years – It can be very difficult to gain weight in old age. In such a situation, if you take all fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, peanut butter, sunflower oil, green vegetables, almonds, carrots with a diet containing vitamin C, vitamin E, it will be very beneficial.

4) More than 50 years – At this age bones become weak, so include calcium and vitamin D in your diet. To strengthen bones, use fish, chicken, low fat milk, yogurt, cheese in plenty. Think seriously about losing weight at this age.


Losing weight is a bit difficult but if done with patience and perseverance then you will definitely get success. It may take some time to lose weight, so keep trying.

You will benefit by implementing our suggestions. Firmly face all the difficulties in life and move forward. Also take full care of your family.

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