How Schools in UAE are getting through Online Education

How Schools in UAE are getting through Online Education
Schools in UAE

The recent pandemic has taught us a very crucial lesson and offered a reason to think beyond normal circumstances. Especially the education sector in the entire UAE has been much aware and prepared for any further uncertain conditions. Online learning emerged as a savior during the pandemic and most of schools and other institutions are taking it very seriously. Educational bodies are making their best efforts to cope up with this modern-day learning platform and provide a robust alternative for undisturbed educational programs. This segment will discuss how schools in RAK are working diligently to adhere to this latest learning trend across the globe.

Exploiting the power of the internet at its best

Internet is connecting people and offering learning resources in an unlimited way. The RAK American Academy at Ras-Al-Khaimah is making its best efforts to provide some most innovative and Hi-tech learning resources to its students. Breaking the conventional background, classrooms are not just restricted to their physical boundaries. Students are allowed to interact with different scholars and scientists online and get motivated through second-hand experience. The government of UAE has also offered financial help for most of the public schools to incorporate online learning in their campus. Private schools have also increased their budget for getting equipped with some latest online learning tools.

Teachers Training Program

During the recent pandemic, it was found that teachers really found it much difficult to cope up with this all-new learning platform and faced several difficulties. Keeping this in mind, schools have now arranged proper training programs for teachers so that they can gain excellence in teaching through this online learning module. Ras Al Khaimah American Academy is making diligent efforts to implement online education successfully. Other schools across UAE are also making their best efforts in bringing this hybrid learning to their campuses and learn innovative methods to offer the best quality education by online learning resources. Teachers have also felt the need to be updated with their digital skills as it is going to be the future of both learning and teaching.

Offering web-based learning Programs

Most of the schools in RAK and Dubai are offering several web-based innovative learning programs to their students. RAK American Academy has focused much in this regard after the pandemic. The school is successfully training its teachers and the management is offering them proper guidance to explore some best online learning programs for students. Some other private schools in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and Sharjah are also incorporating innovative web-based learning programs and offering some best learning resources through e-mails, videoconferencing, and sometimes, through live lectures also. Students are also getting exposed to a hybrid education where they find a perfect blend of offline and online education.

Scheduling Regular Online Classes

The online learning platform has proved to be a panacea during the pandemic. Keeping that situation in mind, schools across the UAE have started providing online classes at regular intervals. This makes them evaluate their preparedness for such a platform and look for corrective measures for any hindrance. However, the frequency of such classes may vary from school to school but efforts are been made at their best to evaluate this latest learning mode. Schools in Ras-AL-Khaimah are now offering online classes based on the availability of resources to them. Teachers also get to know their capabilities and efficiency in carrying out such programs and all possible issues are reported to the management.

Reframing the educational scenario

International schools in Ras-AL-Khaimah have noticed how prepared they were at the time of the pandemic and what all difficulties and challenges they faced during that time to offers distance learning through online modules. Most of the schools deeply analyzed their performance during that time. Some faced the problem of trained and experienced teachers while some others struggled with poor connectivity and technological scarcity. But the situation is completely different now. Each institution has managed to overcome all possible challenges and the management spent days and months to come up with a possible solution for their respective problems to implement online education. From teachers to learning resources, from teaching technologies to effective implementation, all such aspects were paid due importance and schools have made some best efforts to reorganize their complete educational policies accordingly. But the initiative was undertaken by RAK American Academy, the first American curriculum school in RAK.

The good thing is that schools have taken this as a challenge now and learning from the recent situation, they have got determined enough to provide undisturbed education to students. The importance of education has to be understood by guardians also and they should offer proper learning tools to their children as per their level. Moreover, a combined motivation should be offered to children so that they also keep themselves ready for a change in their learning environment.

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