Houston Data Shredding Services

Houston Data Shredding Services
Paper cut into tiny pieces by cross shredder

Professional Shredding Services Of Houston

If you need secure document shredding services and hard drive disposal services, contact Action Shred of Texas. Their records show that they have been able to provide these types of services since 1988 with a 99% success rate in safely disposing sensitive private information away from prying eyes or malicious agendas alike!

How Confidential Shredding Services Protect You

When you need to get rid of old documents and paper, it’s important that they are completely destroyed so there is no chance for anyone else who might come across them. A fully-licensed document shredding service can quickly eliminate your unwanted paperwork while maintaining confidentiality all at once!

Confidential information should be handled with care. At a shredding company, employees are trained to protect your privacy and guarantee that no one will ever know what was confidential about you or how it could have been used against us if this had not gone through proper channels!

3 Things To Know When Shredding Confidential Information

  • Liability

One of the reasons we destroy paperwork is to protect ourselves from harm. It’s a safety measure and it makes sense that confidential information like bank account numbers should be kept private, right? We shred documents in order to protect people against identity theft or fraud; but if your social security number was on something you shredded without thinking about what constitutes personal data then good luck!

  • Staying Committed

When it comes to deciding what and when you want your materials shredded, consider the cadence of a reoccurring day or month with time-of week. Whether this is done through professional services at an office shredding facility or doing so on site in one’s own home by themselves; getting organized will allow them less clutter while providing themselves more space too!

It’s a good idea to shred any documents that you don’t need anymore. It will save time, prevent unnecessary stress and headaches from piling up on top of one another as well as provide peace of mind knowing everything is destroyed in an appropriate manner with certification included!

  • Keep Only What You Need

While it is up to you how long any given document should be kept, the Federal Trade Commission has created a helpful visualization that can help illustrate where and when documents tend to not just get rid of them but also keep more than one copy. The longer your paper trail, especially if they are outdated or no longer needed in some way – like having been filed away with other paperwork- then this might mean there’s something else worth looking at beyond getting rid of it entirely!

The FTC recommends posting this reminder in a location you see regularly so that it tops your mind. You may decide to scan some documents and even take photos with your smartphone if needed! Posting reminders like these extra steps allow users to refer back when they need them again.

Why Is Document Shredding Important?

Protection against malicious intent: Still relying on the old-fashioned idea that hard copies are more secure than electronic files? You’re not alone. But, there is a growing trend to digitize documents and then shred their physical counterparts for protection against malicious intent – especially in this age where data breaches have become so prevalent!

Law: The disposal of sensitive documents is a legal obligation in both Federal and state governments. There are many different laws that dictate how this should be done, including medical records or tax forms with personal information on them such as your Social Security number!

Eco-Friendly: An eco-friendly way to reduce the amount of paper used while eliminating the need for storage is a great idea. Shredded documents are easier and quicker than filing, so this will help your business be more efficient!

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