Home Remedy to Remove Pimples

Home Remedy to Remove Pimples

We have felt many changes in this changing lifestyle, which is both right and important for us. But you must have realized that in the changing times we also have to bear any losses which can also be health-related.

One of the main problems of the changing environment is recurrent pimples. Due to these, the inferiority complex also comes in the mind. In such a situation, we will guide you so that we can overcome such problems and keep ourselves healthy.

How is Pimple

  1. Pimples depend on the oily glands of the skin. These oily glands are very developed, they are pimples and are considered natural. Sometimes they also take a long time to recover.
  2. The main reason for being pimple is the consumption of spicy, oily substances.
  3. If you consume more junk food then the chances of getting pimple increases.
  4. If people come in contact with most of the dust, then there is every possibility that it will become pimpled. Dust always works to damage the skin.
  5. Taking too much tea, coffee also gives rise to pimples. It contains excessive amounts of caffeine, which is not true for Pimple.
  6. Sometimes the products used are not right for our skin and start getting pimples.
  7. Dimple has to be faced many times by taking some heavy dose medicines.
  8. Pimples occur after an age due to hormonal changes.
  9. If you take too much stress, it can also cause pimples.

Easy Treatment for Pimple Healing

If you are constantly suffering from pimple, then you can overcome your pimples problem only with some easy home remedy.

  1. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is very useful for us due to its medicinal properties. It has antibacterial properties, which prevents any bacteria from invading. In such a situation, if the aloe vera is left in the pimple skin for some time, it will also benefit.
  2. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is considered very beneficial. Coconut oil has the power to eliminate any bacteria. In such a situation, if you apply coconut oil in your pimple through cotton, then the benefits will be seen and the face will also glow.
  3. Garlic: It is beneficial for us in many ways. They contain a substance called allicin, which helps fight any bacteria. In this case, it is also beneficial for Pimple. Grind or grind garlic and leave it on Pimple for some time and then wash it, then within a few days, the problem of Pimple will be reduced.
  4. Turmeric and Honey: Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin, which is rich in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In such a case, mixed with turmeric and honey, it will be very beneficial. Let it sit for a while and then wash it. This will reduce your pimples.
  5. Lemon: Lemon contains Vitamin C, which helps us in fighting any disease. Lemon also has antibacterial properties, which eliminate pimples. If you apply lemon juice in Pimple daily then it will give you a lot of relief.
  6. Multani mitti: The reason for being pimple is our oily skin. In such a situation, if you put sandalwood powder and rose water in Multani soil in your Pimple, then it will definitely benefit you. Along with this, the skin also becomes shiny.
  7. cinnamon and honey: Both honey and cinnamon are beneficial for our skin, which helps us in fighting any bacteria. For this, grind cinnamon finely and add honey to it. Put it on Pimple and you will feel the difference very soon.
  8. Rock salt: To date, rock salt has been used as a food, but due to the excess of magnesium in it, it is also beneficial for our skin. For this, add rock salt by adding lukewarm water and apply it in the pimple areas with the help of cotton. You will benefit immensely from this. Do this for at least half an hour and gradually you will start getting benefits.
  9. Toothpaste: Toothpaste also contributes to the healing of pimples. The chemical found in it is beneficial in pimples. If you apply toothpaste for a while in Pimple, you will benefit.
  10. Azadirachta indica: Neem has been described as beneficial for the skin since ancient times. Neem is found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit the skin, hence neem is known as a medicine. In this case, grinding neem and applying it on your pimple, along with coolness, the pimple can also be cured. If you wish, basil can be ground together.
  11. Apple vinegar: Apple vinegar contains vitamin A, as well as antibacterial properties. In such a situation, if apple vinegar is applied in Pimple, then it will definitely be very beneficial.

Pimple in Pregnancy

It happens that in pregnancy women start getting pimples. This is not necessarily the case in every woman. The main reason for getting pimples  excess of estrogen hormones which are seen in the first 3 months. In such a situation, you are not worried. After a few days, the pimple itself disappears.

Stay Away From These Foods in Pimple

Pimple is a common problem, but if you take some care in eating, then pimple will definitely go away.

  • Stay away from non vegs: Many of you like to eat non-veg. In such a situation, if you have a pimple, then keep a distance from non vegs. Nonavage is highly acidic, which makes the pH level unbalanced. At the same time, non-veg is high in protein. In such a situation, it is better to stay away from nonways.
  • Stay away from milk products: Stop eating milk made with Pimple. It is believed that the oil gland becomes active soon after drinking cow, buffalo milk. In this case, take care and keep a distance from milk.
  • Stay away from spicy food: It is advisable to stay away from spicy food when Pimple is present, which is also right. Spicy food contains an excessive amount of oil, which quickly activates the oil gland. Also makes digestion weak. In such a situation, stay away from such a diet.
  • Stay away from things made of sugar: If you like sweet food, then it has to be left for a few days. Pimples are inflamed on the skin due to taking food rich in sugar. In this case, reduce sweet food.

These Things will be Beneficial for you

You will benefit by eating some special things after Pimple, definitely try them.

  1. Eat green vegetables: You have to take such vegetables in abundance, which are green, as well as vitamin B, vitamin E in plenty. Such as gourd, spinach, amla, carrot, beet, luffa, etc.
  2. Use fruits fully: Eat seasonal fruits that include orange, pomegranate, mausambi, papaya, apple, tomato, banana, lemon when pimples occur. Vitamin A and Vitamin D present in it are beneficial in reducing pimples.

Some important changes

If you are struggling with the Pimple problem, then by making necessary changes in your lifestyle, you can overcome the problem of Pimple, definitely try them.

1). Drink as much water as possible. It would be better if you eat lukewarm water.

2). Always eat light food like oatmeal, khichdi, oats, moong dal etc.

3). Stay away from more and more junk food. If you want to eat those things at home.

4). One should take a walk after dinner at night so that digestive problems do not occur.

5). Take care of your skin, pay full attention to cleanliness.

Important changes related to makeup

Often, when makeup is done, care is taken and every type of product is taken. One thing to always remember is that whenever you do make-up, do not use products that make the skin oily. In such a situation, never use almond oil on the skin. This closes the pores of your skin and causes pimples. Always use moisturizer and keep the skin away from pimples.


In this article, we have tried our best to give you information related to Pimple. The youth appear to be affected by this problem. In such a situation, there is no need to be upset or stressed. The balance of hormones is corrected in a few days and this problem is also cured.

In such a situation, you should adopt home remedies and keep yourself Pimple free. This is a small problem in our life so don’t be afraid of it, just take care of yourself and maintain cleanliness. Soon your pimples problem will go away.

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