Here’s How You Can Cut An LED Neon Signage Flex!

Here’s How You Can Cut An LED Neon Signage Flex!


LED Neon flex is a kind of thing that is bendable and also versatile, commonly used to make signs and patterns. It is of high-quality lights that can be used based on the length a person needs, and also it is available in customized colors. Cutting neon lights seems easy, but it’s not when all the necessary steps are followed.

What is LED neon light?

The LED neon light is energy-saving and best for all kinds of projects. It can be easily replaced by bulky and heavy glass tube neon lights, which are not suitable for such things. It is less expensive and elementary to make it in the shape a person wants. It is used for outline lighting, border lighting, accent lighting, and customizable lights. It is also straightforward to install.

How to cut LED neon lights?

Cutting an LED neon light is easy, but one should keep specific tools before cutting it and also mark tapes so that every cutting is accurate without any problems. It is easy to cut by drawing the part that is to be missed. After cutting the wire, one should remember that if the wire has a cap on one side, there is no need for caps, but if it’s not closed or has no cap, then the cap is necessary.

All tools must be there; otherwise, the chances are that the lights may get damaged, making them unfit for use. There are various acrylic signmakers in Singapore, and one of the top bodies, uses their techniques to cut everything.

Tips for cutting LED neon light

The first one should remember to disconnect the light from the switch. Later that can be cut easily. But one should keep this in mind. Also, using certain tools such as soldering device is necessary to stop the wastage of such things.

As these lights are used in the 3D boxup signage, it is necessary that it cut in explicit form, and there is no creation of problems in the end part.


One of such the best ways that help get the desired product out is the neon lights. These lights are very helpful for all kinds of projects. Cutting them is also very easy compared to all the other heavy and bulky lights, which create problems. Signage maker Singapore is certain kinds of best signage maker who needs all these things.

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