Five Interesting Activities To Do in Barcelona

Five Interesting Activities To Do in Barcelona
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Barcelona is a beautiful and vibrant capital of Catalonia, featuring gorgeous beaches, incredible architecture, breathtaking scenes, and alluring cultural attractions. The climate of the tropical city is mostly moderate and pleasant throughout the year. It’s a sunny lifestyle, and the atmosphere of historical heritage is widely popular in the world. History lovers can begin their trip by taking a tour to the Barri Gotic, popular for its classic and spectacular architecture. Other than this, Antoni Gaudi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the finest example of Barcelona’s best historical site. 

After this, stroll down La Rambla, where locals hang out and later head to the country’s gorgeous beach destinations and soak under the sun. Beaches make people happy, and while you are in Barcelona, you can spend a refreshing day trip on the beach and enjoy fun activities with your travel partners. Moreover, there are unique shopping sites and great cafes within the city, and it would be the best way to explore the city. 

Top Five Activities To Do in Barcelona

Learn about the fantastic and interesting activities to do in Barcelona through the valuable travel guide. 

Take a tour of the Barri Gothic or Gothic Quarter 

The Gothic Quarter has remained a spiritual and holy place since its formation, and it shares significant history for 2000 years. Its monuments represent the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage deeply, which can be of great interest for history lovers. There is a Cathedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, which lies on the Monte Tabor in the center of the Gothic Quarter. Moreover, you can wander around the cobblestone streets and fancy cafes or restaurants. 

Kids really enjoy playing the game of soccer in the Gothic Quarter hidden corners in the Gothic Quarter. Other sites to see in the quarter include the Picasso Museum, the Placa del Rei, Casa de Padellas, and the Placa del Rei, a great venue for live music concerts. 

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Hoping on a Private Sailing Boat 

Barcelona is packed with beautiful white sand beaches and the sea. If you are confused between amazing activities to do in Barcelona, you can participate in fun and thrilling water sports, including taking a tour of the private sailing boat. It would be a great idea to witness the best sunset views in the evening by hopping on a private sailing boat. You can also swim or simply enjoy the pleasant weather and the breeze touching your skin. 

Also, for more entertainment, the person can attach the speakers to the boat, enjoy the music, and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. The boat ride will last for two to eight hours. Some of the major highlights of the tour include enjoying the best views of the city from the sea, learning to drive the boat, tasting amazing food, jumping or swimming in the sea, and chilling with your friends. 

Party like there is no tomorrow in Barcelona’ best pubs

Tourists are well aware of the vibrant culture of Barcelona, and therefore, they don’t leave the city without partying in the pubs or clubs. The nightlife of Barcelona is best for party people, and the Pub Crawl is the one-stop destination where you can celebrate with your friends. 

The entry ticket for each person is 15€, and it includes complimentary drinks or special drinks, VIP admission and no more standing in the line, and of course, a night to remember throughout life. So make JetBlue booking and get ready to make each day happening and memorable in Barcelona. 

Take the Coolest Bike tour in Barcelona 

There is no shortage of thrilling activities and endless adventures to witness in Barcelona. If you like to challenge yourself, you can enjoy amazing bike tours, from reasonable to expensive options. The Steel Donkey Bike Tour is the best among so many bike tours, and you should not miss it, especially if you want to experience something unique and exciting. Instead of spending on boring bike tours, get on the worthy one and make the most of your time in Barcelona. 

The cost for a standard city bike is 35 EURO and 45 EURO for an e-bike tour, and it lasts for four to five hours. The tours are available on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:00 am. 

Learn Cooking by Joining Culinary Classes 

What can be more important and exciting than food? Barcelona is famous for serving a unique taste of food items in cafes, hotels, stalls, and restaurants. While you are here, you can’t miss the fun of cooking in the culinary classes. It will teach you to make Paella or Tapas at home and impress their family members or friends. 

BCN Kitchen is the best one in the town, one can consider joining them, and it is worth the price. Make Southwest Airlines reservations from the authorized sources and get ready to escape from the boring lives to the land of paradise. 

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