Everything You Need to Learn about the NISM Certification Course

Everything You Need to Learn about the NISM Certification Course

Nowadays, a substantial number of students are looking to build their careers in Financial Services. Even engineering students are looking for a career change. Well, NISM is basically for commerce students. However, the growth in the financial industry has increased the scope for people to develop their careers. 

There’s a rise in different courses like CFA, CFP, FRM, and MBA (Finance). However, one thing that lags here is the student doesn’t get the license as a self-employed individual in the field of Finance. So, how can it possible to get the license. It’s not robot science; you can do a licensing course that can help you develop your finance career as a professional. All you require to register for NISM Certification Course. 

But, if you’re unaware of the NISM term, then don’t worry. Here you can get detailed knowledge regarding the NISM certification course and how to apply for it. So, let’s get started!

What is NISM?

NISM (National Institue of Securities Markets) was established by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), the higher body that offers a wide variety of courses to students and is responsible for handling the securities markets.    

Several schools or colleges offer NISM certification courses to develop your career in the securities markets. However, a few colleges offer Certification exams in the Financial Markets domain, including Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs. Well, it provides the information to the candidate to develop the skills to work in the capital markets. 

Which course NISM offer?

Several campuses offer a full-time NISM certification course in the financial market. The one offers PGPSM (Post Graduate Programme in Securities Markets) while the other one is PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) in FinTech. However, there are other courses too that NISM offers.

Some NISM certification course collaborates with the international certification courses that offer you full profile knowledge regarding the financial domain. If you want to get an international license in the financial market, you can join those courses.  

Apart from those courses, there are 22 short-term NISM certification courses that you can join. So, let’s learn about those short-term courses which you can learn. Well, the majority of such courses are conducted by SEBI. But, these courses are only for those who are either self-employed like a research analyst or investment advisor or working in the Financial domain. 

While the others are not mandatory for the financial domain. These voluntary certification courses can help you provide deep knowledge about the security market and benefit you in advancing your professional skills in a particular area of the security market domain. 

For instance, Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination (Series V C) comes under the voluntary exam. The main motive to conduct this exam is to test the candidates’ knowledge and enhance it to get a career in the Mutual Fund market. Thus, Mutual Funds exams help the student enroll in a short-term course that can help you enhance your knowledge in other fields.

How to enroll for the NISM certification exam?

The first and the basic step to register for the NISM exam requires an account on the NISM website. However, while creating your account on the NISM website, make sure to carry your digital copy of your aadhar card, photograph, and PAN card. After creating your account then you can select your module or exam which you want to give. 

However, you first need to choose the exam center, date, and time for selecting your module. After then, you have complete your payment procedure. Once you paid your exam fees, you’ll get a soft copy of your exam module or, say, a workbook containing every content regarding your exam and your hall ticket. But, it’s advisable to take a printout of your hall ticket.     

How is the NISM module workbook?

Well, the soft copy covers your full theoretical and practical aspects of the particular module. The worksheet helps you in learning the jargons related to the Financial markets. So, you can learn the full concept regarding your financial domain and the stock market. 

However, the exam only consists of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) to test the student’s conceptual knowledge. Further, here you don’t get the opportunity to work on practical projects. You can’t carry a scientific calculator in the exam. All the things are provided to you there only. 


In short, NISM is the main area where students can get the license to work as self-employed individuals in the financial market domain. Thus, to get the license it’s important to give NISM certified exam.     

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