You might have seen your favorite celebrities and influencers flaunt their long, beautiful 4c hair on social media platforms. Well, you too can achieve waist length gorgeous mane if you follow the right hair routine. 

Regardless of your hair type, growing it requires patience and consistency from your end. So, if you have been looking for tips to make your hair grow the desired length, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about how to grow your 4c hair and tips and tricks to retain length. 

What Is 4C Hair?

4c hair consists of tightly coiled strands that have a tight zig-zag pattern-starting from roots to tips. This hair type is fragile and prone to dryness and shrinkage compared to other hair types. In addition, the strands are not defined, so you need to twist them to achieve a defined look. 

This hair type grows half an inch per month or six inches every year. It takes a few months before you notice significant growth. In order to make your tight coily strands grow, it needs a lot of moisture. 

How To Make 4c Hair Grow

On the journey of hair growth, length retention is more important than the growth itself. As mentioned earlier, 4c hair is prone to dryness and shrinkage, so no matter how much time and effort you put in growing this hair type, the purpose will be defeated if you cannot retain length. 

Length retention is possible with frequent hydration of hair and keeping the strands healthy. Use the following tips to make your coily hair grow and retain the length the hair grows. 

Shampoo 4c Hair Often 

Keeping your scalp clean and free of product build-ups is essential to boost hair growth. Shampoo your 4c hair type every two weeks. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo so it doesn’t dry out your coily hair, and switch it up with a co-wash routine. This tip helps retain moisture into individual strands, prevent tangles, and stop hair breakage. 

Use Hair Products That Works For Your Hair Type

No coily 4c hair is the same, so don’t get swayed to use the hair care products that your favorite celebrity or influencer is using. What works for them might not work for your hair. Instead, try out different products and find out what works for your hair and what doesn’t in your journey to hair growth. 

Use products that have moisturizing properties to your dry 4c hair. Moisturizing hair care products will help with moisture retention and prevent breakage. 

Trim Your 4c Hair 

Now, you might think that trimming your precious 4c hair, which took a while to grown, means getting rid of the length, but it’s actually good for your hair. Trimming your hair frequently helps get rid of split ends and allows space for healthy hair to grow. 

Begin trimming when you notice split ends and excessive breakage when washing, detangling, or styling your hair. 

Detangle Your Hair Your Fingers 

Apart from shrinkage and dryness, 4c hair is prone to clumping and tangling because of the tight coils. Tangled 4c hair leads to breakage that affects hair growth. 

Detangle your coily hair with your fingers. This process takes time compared to detangling with a hairbrush, but it is worth it. Finger detangling also reduces breakage and does not damage your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner to detangle your hair; the product will help your fingers slide effortlessly between the strands and make it easier for knots & tangles to unravel. 

Take Timely Breaks From Protective Hairstyle 

Protective hairstyles like braids and twists are great, but it’s important to take timely breaks from them. It does help protect your natural coily hair; however, these protective hairstyles prevent your scalp & hair from being moisturized properly. This leads to dry strands that break easily. 

Only wear protective hairstyles for 4-6 weeks and get them removed when the time comes. After removing your protective hairstyle, wash and let your hair breathe instead of wearing another protective hairstyle. Let your natural 4c hair down and moisturize it frequently. 

Scalp Massages To Promote Hair Growth 

Massaging is a great way to promote hair growth and retain length. The circulation of blood helps hair grow, and when you massage your scalp, it helps blood flow and signals the hair follicles to boost hair growth. 

There are many ways to massage your scalp. You can do it while washing your hair or when you are oiling your scalp & hair. Gently massage in a circular motion for a few minutes. 

Deep Conditioning Your Hair

Deep conditioning is an amazing way to make your 4c hair grow. This hair type thrives with regular deep conditioning treatments. It helps nourish and moisturize your hair and keep your coily hair looking shiny and healthy at all times. 

Properly moisturized 4c hair is less likely to tangle and break off. Deep conditioning plays a major role in hair growth and length retention. Treat your tresses with a rich deep conditioning treatment weekly or at least twice a month.  

Avoid Over-Styling 4c Hair 

4c hair is already dry and super fragile, so it is important not to over-style this hair type. Curly and coily hair requires many products when styling, and the layers of product weigh down your hair and strain the roots. Overheat styling your coily hair leads to breakage. Explore styles that require minimum styling products or get curly hair weaves sewn in. This is an alternative for women with short hair because you get length and styling options without damaging your natural hair. 

Follow A Strict Hair Care Routine For Your Hair Type 

Use the tips mentioned above or find and follow a hair care routine. It is important to stick to those routines to see results. 

Achieve and flaunt gorgeous lengths like your favorite celebrities and influencers with the tips mentioned above. As mentioned earlier, 4c hair is fragile and prone to breakage, but these tips will help strengthen and grow your hair in no time. Stop over-styling your beautiful coily hair, deep condition frequently, and trim your hair periodically, and you will notice the difference in no time. 

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