End of lease cleaning checklist – Step by Step Guide

End of lease cleaning checklist – Step by Step Guide

How to schedule an end of lease cleaning activities before going out? We would be proficient in delivering successful moving out clean to you.

For several, the end-of-lease clean signifies actually waking up to the grotesque dust storms and frightening areas of mould that they thought did not exist. We highly recommend you to go for a trustable cleaning company to make it hassle-free.

Taking preventative steps.

Undoubtedly you would quickly complete the cleaning job if you spend some effort in planning for it.

In order to be successful at doing things, you must start early. You won’t need to waste your whole life cleaning the property up in order to retrieve your full bond back.

Step by Step Guide

You must prepare a variety of plans before you can raise a finger. Follow these suggestions.

Be organized.

Going through time spent doing the cleaning, a team of two lease cleaners will take around two hours to clean a studio apartment, about four hours to clean a three-bedroom apartment, and a whole day to clean a large house if it is a bond back guarantee service. Leaseholders are also shocked by how much effort is required for a bond clean with how a few hours of work to accomplish the mission. When recruiting last minute cleaners, this also involves splitting their bond or extorting money from them. It’s your decision to do your job or not.

Clean up your property.

 You would want to get out of this room before you start cleaning. We suggest this to most renters since the bulk of cleanups arise towards the conclusion of a contract or rental arrangement. The items like range hood are the biggest excuse to clean your home because of the thoroughness of cleaning it requires. If the furniture is against you, you won’t be able to tell that a place is 100 percent safe, for example underneath the sofa or underneath the fridge.

Clean before treatment.

Cleaning in your rental would go a long way towards simplifying your life once your contract has been over. You would also have to do some hard work before you break loose.

Make sure that you purchase the correct tools and materials.

You’ll need several more people to complete the work. You can select these supplies to get started and for special cleaning if necessary.

  • A broom & dustpan.
  • Brush.
  • Bucket.
  • Duster.
  • Vacuum.
  • Gloves.
  • Carpet Steamer • (as required)
  • Mop
  • Oven cleaner (degreaser)
  • Oven blade scrubber 
  • prefered cleaning agent (Easy-off, Pledge, Vim)
  • Sponges.
  • Sugar Soap.
  • Three Step ladder & Screwdriver (as required)

Do so correctly.

Never fail to give more focus to non-daily cleaning items and places. Don’t forget to vacuum and mop around.

When you do the window cleaning as additional service, you can save a lot of money if you plan to employ experts who are fully insured, since the windows are really difficult to clean.

Start of the lease inspection checklist.


Your kitchen is the dirtiest one in the house. Grease build-up differs significantly based on use. It would take around an hour to clean the oven. You’ll still have big appliances and chairs you need to wash and clean and food stains to clear.

  • Keep the oven free from any leaks.
  • Clean stovetop daily.
  • Degrade selection hood.
  • Clean backsplash.
  • Run the dishwasher clear of any debris.
  • Clear the pantry for any food items.
  • Clear cupboards, refrigerators and display cabinets.
  • Please vacuum inside the oven, dishwasher, or freezer (as required)


If kitchens need more cleaning effort than bathrooms, it is beyond a doubt that the bathrooms will need more care. Many people show disrespect for their own personal toilets that they cannot disinfect their own bathrooms. Before start, the cleaning is sure to switch on the ventilators.

Even wash the painted surfaces.

  • Bathtubs and basins should be washed.
  • Clean shower glass /or screen with specialized bathroom chemical.
  • Cleaning shower head and shower faucets completely.
  • Clean and disinfect public bathrooms.
  • Clean, well-stocked medication cabinets & mirrors.

Dust the ventilation vents.

For eg, bedroom, living room, and dining room.

This is a common cleaning guide to operate in most rooms of the house

  • Clean surfaces.
  • Keep the kitchen as tidy as possible.
  • Dust-free mirrors, frames and channels.
  • Wash walls, thresholds, and stairs (interior)
  • Doors windows frames
  • Skirting boards dusted or washed.
  • Dust blindness.
  • Clean and available fixtures.
  • Clean light switches with a microfibre cloth.
  • Cleaning up cobwebs
  • Steam carpet washing (as required)
  • wall wash – either place clean or whole clean (as required)
  • aggressive dusting (as required)
  • pest prevention approaches (as required)
  • Your apartment can have a laundry area, which is an apartment that isn’t unusual. Another thing you ought to do is checking the vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean surfaces.
  • Clean off the laundry machine and dryer surfaces.
  • Clean the faucet and handle.


Outdoor balconies are very popular on terrace houses and apartments in Sydney. One of our favourites tricks is to wipe up the balcony screens with the newspaper after a deep clean. This is an excellent approach to have streak-free windows that will be ideal to show off to your property representative.

• Clean surfaces.

• Sweep and vacuum sliding patio doors and tracks (interior and exterior)

• cleaning of frames, sills and tracks (exterior)


If you’re a homeowner, you may be concerned about the expense of repairing your garage. Relax; your garage would not require too much time.

• Sweep floors

• Keep the kitchen as tidy as possible.

• Remove cobwebs.

What to use and what to order in End of Lease Cleaning Checklist


Store-bought cleaners can eliminate the worst oil, just obey the directions on the can. If you’re environmentally aware, then baking soda is an outstanding choice for “the eco-challenge”. Remove the oven shelves, cover the oven wall and put on gloves. Notice that you need to stop the heating part. Wait for the next day. In the morning, you should gently add a vinegar mist to your skin.


Sugar soap is the strongest for painting teeth on the walls. You should apply a gallon of water to all the stains on the wall and smear with wet cloth in order to rinse them off. Putty to patch dents. Enable it to dry completely before sanding and repainting. Check the colour at the paint store until you buy it. Often people can patch bigger holes using tape and mesh from the hardware store.

Mirrors/ sliding Doors and windows

Clean with regular detergent, then dry it by using a normal glass cleaner. Brush newspaper onto a panel of glass to wash out streaks of cleaner. Using a damp cloth to wipe window blinds to keep dust from spreading. Scrubbing windows to clear debris should be performed with water and soap first. Blinds can be cleaned with a wet cloth before you clean windows.


Pour a bottle of detergent into the hot water and rinse the toilet with the tines of a steak knife. Alternatively, place some cups of vinegar in the bin and pour hot water. Let this detergent soak for many hours before cleaning. Let them be sun-dried for a few hours.


Using a sponge or mop to clean soap scum from the walls. An aged toothbrush can definitely guarantee the mould is extracted from grout and other tough to access areas. Make sure to search the drain and make sure to clear any debris. Remember to turn on a fan to dissipate the poisonous chemical.


If you are leaving a rental, you can tidy up the toilet tank. If mineral deposits are still left in the cistern, add vinegar and allow it to sit overnight until flushing. Nevertheless, flushing the toilets until the tank is clean might be important. Take off your gloves and wash the reservoir. Remember to turn the water back on before beginning the water purification method.

Approval by the real estate agent.

Cleaning is full, but only one more minute is left. Before returning your keys, there’s the final vacate clean run through. You’ll have to ask the real estate agent’s consent before you deduct the money back. If you’ve been through this cleaning checklist, you can be more positive with the results if a carpet steam cleaning is done. Our advice is that you talk with a real estate agent after the cleaning service is complete.

Ok, it does seem intimidating at the moment, but you always have a chance to give us a shot and get a quotation free of charge. If you want to avoid time and bother, let’s us speak to your estate agent and arrange a suitable time to view during the time of the cleaning process to have an inspection or within 72 hours from completion of the job. Otherwise, we have this convenient checklist type for you to print.

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