Changing the Customary Approach of Designing Stamps!

Changing the Customary Approach of Designing Stamps!

Ever since technology has interfered in the lives of humans, most of the operations have been seamless and automated. Then why designing stamps should be manual in this digitally-driven domain. From the ancient days, stamps have a significance in authenticating physical documents. A stamp authorizes a document and declares it as legal. Several federal, state and business bodies use stamps for their operations. They validate documents with custom stamps online. Custom ink stamps online are the form of stamps that come tailored as per users’ requirements.

The businesses order customized stamps to stamp providers for making their stamps unique. In many cases, custom stamps are also marked as a brand feature. It helps users find uniqueness in a brand. However, while ordering custom stamps, most users follow the customary method and customize stamps with the traditional pen and paper method. In an editorial, you will learn how to virtually convey the customized stamp design. Read the full editorial to understand the full process of ordering customized stamps online.

Step-1: Explore the design of the stamp that you want

The process of customizing an ink stamp online begins with collecting a number of designs. Some businesses and clients come up with the expected stamp design. However, there is still a segment of users who are unaware of what design they want. This draws inspiration from other designs. Even if you are not sure about the specific benefits of choosing ink stamps online at an affordable price and what stamp design you want, you should explore the design and find the best stamp that suits your business.

Step-2: Choose the stamp mount

The subsequent thing that you need to do is choose a stamp mount. A stamp also does matter for offering you a tailored feeling. You can view several online stamp providing platforms and choose a mount design that aligns with your brand.

Step-3 Pick the template

Several stamps providing platforms offers users the choice to pick templates of design that they want to incorporate their design. You can pick the template from such platforms and start creating your design. For making a custom stamp design from a template, you have to choose the built-in tool in the website. Then you need to click on the template icon to make changes to it.

For making changes to the text, you can click on change custom text. You can directly click on the next part of the template to change it as per your need.

You can then choose and insert your brand logo. After choosing the logo, lastly, you have to select the size of your custom stamp.

Step-4 Upload your graphics

Users who don’t want to customize the template design can start from scratch and upload their graphics. Every template comes with a graphic placeholder. You can click on the same and choose the change image option. You will then get access to change the image with images present in your saved files.

Step-5: Edit your graphics

After finalizing your graphics, the next thing that you need to do is edit your graphics. You can edit the final graphics by clicking on the mounting area. Once you complete editing, then shortlist it for further process.

Step-6: Add colours to it

If you want a coloured stamp for a wedding invitation or any other purpose, you need to integrate colours to the part of stamps that needs to be filled. Start adding colour over the text and then colouring the graphics. Most stamp sellers offer you a wide range of colours to use the stamps in letterhead and other official documents.

Once you are done editing and adding colour, you can then send the final shortlisted customized graphics to the stamp providers to start creating a stamp for you. This will help you get the best custom stamps online.


Wrapping up, these are some ways how you can virtually convey your customized design. Now that you are aware of the design, you can send the same to your stamp providers.

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