Car Rental Guide — Best tips for beginners

Car Rental Guide — Best tips for beginners

When hiring a car internationally, you’re still at risk of being ripped off. This guide helps guarantee that you’re not taken for a lift.

Are you confused about insurance for rental cars? Perhaps you’d like to know what the right time to book a rental car is? Or are you concerned about the possible drawbacks and concealed costs that you may face whilst abroad? Below are the tips for rental cars that will position Americans securely in the driver’s car rental seat.

Get rental car insurance online

When it comes to paying rental auto insurance, stick to the basics. By offering you the add-ons and extras, rental car businesses make much of their revenue. These are generally very costly, and for very little they will protect you. The best way to prevent this is to get professionally protected by online car rental insurance providers well in advance.

Make absolutely sure that your insurance company provides you with complete protection against damage to your rental car, along with full cover against costly damages and theft and additional protection such as headlight repairs, flat tires and any other accident and theft damage.

Book in advance

It is worth arranging a rental car once you have confirmed your flights. When you book earlier, the affordable deals will be. If many rental cars are available on a given date, the price is eventually lower because demand is so.

Shop around

Just allow you to quickly and easily search the rental car market. To finalize the rental, you can then click a company like Hertz, Avis and Europcar. Once the cheapest deal was found, search for discounts or promotional codes online – you can save up to 15%.

Avoid the upsell at the rental desk

When you select your vehicle, the rental agent is very likely to try to sell you some detailed cover that they claim you can’t live without. Collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance is a common add-on for rental car companies these days. A lot of CDW insurance insured only disabled vehicles incurred by another car wreck or accident occurred: no one-car injury. Some dangers to the tires, mirrors, frames, body panels, and undercarriage can also be omitted.

Whether it’s Excess Elimination, Excess Waiver, Mega Crash Damage Waiver, or Super Loss Damage Waiver, you really don’t need that if you’ve been clever enough to get rental car insurance beforehand, no matter what type of insurance is given to you at the car rental business.

Car rental agencies are not obligated to refund you since you booked two policies, so disregard the sales pitch.

Pack your own GPS

Many car rental companies charge you a daily GPS rate. And if you’re in the US, you might pay more than $100 a week. Prices rise only abroad, especially in remote areas.

They come with preloaded maps, route planning, and voice navigation, so at the end of your journey, you don’t have to think about a hefty phone bill.

Check the fuel policy

To offer you a full tank that you pay for upfront is a simple trick. You will then be instructed to return the empty vehicle as you will not get any credit for wasted petrol. This is a massive waste of money if you don’t drive far or rent a car for a lot longer. You’ll certainly still cost a great deal more than at a gas station. Full to vacuum fuel policies in Europe are especially widespread and must surely be avoided.

Hidden fees charges

There are some invisible costs that you should be aware of that can be added to the overall expense of the bill. Many of these add-ons and costs include:

  • For additional drivers a lot of hire companies like AVIS and Hertz bill every day. It is better to stick to one driver unless you want to make a long road trip where you can turn.
  • Any car rental services limit the number of kilometers or miles a day. This is more usual for several smaller local businesses around Europe, so carefully check the print.
  • It is common practice for rental car companies to charge an administrative fee of about 3.5%.
  • You might be paid a higher petrol price if you did not want a prepayment option or return the vehicle with a full tank.
  • That cost of the car registration is also applied to the quotation and billed at a fixed monthly rate.

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