Bigfoot Sighting in Michigan

Bigfoot Sighting in Michigan

The Michigan newspaper Tuscola Today carried a story, “Bigfoot Roaming the Cass? Video Raises the Question.” The paper included a screenshot and short video clip of the alleged Sasquatch from an individual kayaking on the Cass River. Michigan sightings of Bigfoot have been recorded in a variety of locales throughout the Saginaw Bay Area over the years.

The five-second video clip shows a creature walking in the river carrying something. The newspaper noted that the video was taken in Tuscola’s Juniata Township near the M-46 bridge.

According to Caro local Wayne King, this isn’t the first time the monster has been spotted in the region. King claimed to sight one near Enos Park, near M-46 and Sheridan Road, in the 1970s. He estimated it to be nearly 7 feet tall and weighing more than 500 pounds. Furthermore, King stated that he had gathered roughly 30 other accounts of bigfoot sightings in or near Tuscola County.

Other Sightings Of Bigfoot In Michigan

The Michigan/Canadian Bigfoot Information Center is run by King. According to the site, the latest sighting in Sanilac County occurred in 1993-94, around 7 miles west of Marlette. Sightings and footprints of an apparent juvenile Bigfoot were reported. After an altercation with a giant beast, three creatures were observed fleeing the area via a tall cornfield.

Bigfoot Sightings in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula 

In 2016 the Detroit Free Press ran a feature story on a group Bigfootg looking for Bigfoot in Michigan. The Upper Peninsula Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research Organization is focused on finding proof that Bigfoot is real and living in the U.P. Shawn Mullins, a Bigfoot hunter, searched the woods on the outskirt of Michigan’s Seney National Wildlife Refuge, 95,000 dense acres of untouched wilderness in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula. If Sasquatch is genuine, the investigators reasoned, this would be an excellent area for the creature to hide. And a plausible location to locate evidence that it exists.

Bigfoot Caught on WebCam

Bigfoot was a prominent figure in the news that year. A suspected Bigfoot was spotted on a camera that was placed on an eagle’s nest near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula. 

The video, which was obtained as part of CarbonTV’s Eagle Cam during the spring, shows an unidentified two-legged strolling across the screen. The video, which was filmed from more than 85 feet above the earth, is understandably hazy. Nevertheless, the story made headlines around the globe.

Later that year, a trail cam put on a tree captured a shot of a monster resembling Bigfoot. The trail cam was installed in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It depicted the legendary beast prowling through a campground.

When Did Sightings of Bigfoot Start?

Legends of a giant, wild, man-like beast can be found in nearly every culture on the planet. For example, it is a feature of various Indian tribes’ mythology in North America. The other notable name of “Sasquatch” is derived from the term for “wild men” used by tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

After the 1967 publication of the iconic Patterson-Gimlin film, the most prominent Bigfoot evidence, the idea expanded throughout popular culture. Photographers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made a 16 mm film during October Oct. 20, 1967, purportedly showing a female Bigfoot, during a horseback search in northern California. It depicts a hairy monster taking a leisurely upright stroll through a California jungle. Since then, there has been an increase in confirmed sightings around the country, including in most Michigan counties.

Animal Planet’s cable TV production centered on Michigan in 2012. According to the Detroit News, the makers of the television show “Finding Bigfoot” brought their hunt for the elusive mythical creature to Michigan. They shot in the Houghton Lake area, although Bigfoot reports were not restricted to that location. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Washtenaw County has had more sightings than any other county save Oscodo and Schoolcraft.

What Does Bigfoot Look Like?

Bigfoot is generally coated in fur, standing 8 feet tall or more, walking upright, and making only brief appearances in eyewitness stories, indistinct pictures, and shaky films. Some believe it is a close relative of humans, something like a cross between a man and an ape, with peculiar characteristics like leaving woven stick gifts for houses near its habitat in exchange for stuff like marbles. According to reports, he communicates by crying and bashing sticks against trees. And he’s supposed to stink.

Sightings have been reported in 17 Michigan counties, according to King’s website. However, many appear to be concentrated in and around Saginaw Bay, especially Oscoda, Bay County, and Port Huron.

Sightings of Bigfoot, while unusual, are not uncommon. Over the last 50 years, more than 10,000 people reported having seen the mythological monster, according to the online tabloid the Sun. So the sightings of Bigfoot in the Cass River make for an intriguing story, and Michigan’s Thumb’s folklore.

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