Best Things to do in Berlin City

Best Things to do in Berlin City
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The City of Berlin is located at the heart of Germany, landlocked on all its four sides. Once a significant player in international politics and Medieval European history, Germany and Berlin have a lot to offer to everyone where they are here for the past or the fun. We will look at the things to do in Berlin and how you can have the best time visiting her. 

Berlin was always the capital of Germany, from the times it was the German Empire to its current times. It served as a seat for the infamous figure, Adolf Hitler, and his fascist ideologies. At the end of the second world war, the city was divided into two halves. East Berlin was controlled by the Soviet Union and West Germany, controlled by British, French, and American powers. However, with the advent of a cold war between Russia and America, the tensions in Berlin rose. All of this misery came to an end in 1989, when the people of Berlin iconically struck down the Berlin wall, which ran all across the east and west Berlin border. All of this led Berlin to become what it is now, a booming metropolitan, waving the flag of innovation since time immemorial. 

The streets of Berlin are scattered with numerous stories of the past and the future to come. The city is soaked in world war eras, where Germany played a protagonist or an antagonist. However, you may perceive it. There are a lot of attractions to visit and more exciting things to do in Berlin. If you are planning a trip to Berlin anytime soon, we highly recommend you to go through our article about the same. Witness some of the best history museums, some of the tastiest street food, and the iconic automobile and innovation culture. 

Cool Things to do in Berlin City

Let us not waste any time further and get into the groove of things. Let’s Go!

First things first, Visit the Brandenburg Gate

One of Germany’s most easily recognizable landmarks, The Brandenburg Gate, was built in 1788 by Monarc Frederick Wilhelm ||. With the rise of the cold war and the Berlin Wall construction, this gate was treated as an extension of the wall. It marked the main divide between East and West Berlin. 

A site of numerous historical events, this gate was used by liberal Germans to protest the divide and stood as a symbol of Unity in the face of crisis. Interestingly, this is the same place wherein, in 1987, the then US president, Ronald Reagan, signed a peace treaty with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Following which the Berlin wall was finally struck down.

Want some more history? Visit the Reichstag

The Reichstagsgebäude, or what is commonly called the Reichstag, served as the seat of the then German Empire. The palace saw its completion in 1894 and is famous for its neo-renaissance architecture mixed with modern german innovation. However, in 1933, the building saw its fate when an angry German mob set it on fire amid the civil war.

In 1989, after the reunification of Berlin, the government decided to rebuild this palace. The palace saw its completion in 1999 and is a symbol for [peace and will ever since.

Don’t miss visiting Museum Island

More famously known as the Museum Island, Spree island is one of the better places in Berlin to spend your summer afternoons at. The island is enclosed on both sides, the Kupfergraben in the west and the Spree river in the east. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, you will find some of the most exciting museums in this 400 meters stretch of land. 

If you decide to visit the island, we highly recommend you to stay with a guide. However, a guided tour can be a little heavy to your pocket. To save some additional expenses, you should try making British Airways reservations to Berlin. British Airways offer great tour packages to Berlin, which include everything from guided tours to free accommodations.

Soak in the history of the Berlin wall

As discussed earlier, the Berlin wall served as the distinction between west and east Berlin. Once a symbolic representation of divide, the broken rumbles of the wall remind us to stay united. 

The 155 kilometers wall was built in 1961 at the start of the cold war and struck down in 1989 with its end.

See the German Historical Museum

If you want to learn more about Berlin’s rich and old history, visiting this Museum is a must. The complex was built in 1987 to mark Berlin’s 750th birthday. Highlights of the building include historical, medical, artistic, and cultural artifacts. 

If you want to visit the Museum, we suggest you make Alaska Airlines reservations to fly to Berlin. The Airlines offers multiple tourist packages, including guided tours to this Museum.

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