Best Places to Visit in Vrindavan

Best Places to Visit in Vrindavan
Best Places to Visit in Vrindavan

These are the list of best places to visit in Vrindavan on the Delhi Agra Mathura Vrindavan tour by car. Also know briefly about these temples.

Govind Deo Temple

The 2 things to think a lot about Govind Deo Temple is the unique construction and the altar made of marble and silver. Built on a heave plinth, the Govind Deo Temple was India’s most expensive temple at one point in time. It was built by King ‘Man Singh’ of Amer. The temple ceiling is decorated with the sculpture of a lotus. To get to the temple, you have to go through some great stairs. The best time to visit Vrindavan is during the Holi festival.

Shahji Temple

This temple has beautiful colored paintings on the ceilings of the Shahji Temple and statues depicting Rasa Lila in the prayer room. The outside of the Shahji Temple is built in the western modern-classical style. The twisted marble columns are also great to see.

Seva Kunj and Nidhuban

The Seva Kunj and Nidhuban are historically known as the place where Lord Krishna met Radha. The Raas Leela is performed here regularly and it’s a great feeling to experience. The temple is built in the typical Indian architectural style and has around 1600 wild Tulsi trees, which represent the Gopi in the complex. Inside the temple complex, there is an armor that is believed to have been created by Lord Krishna for Radha Devi.

Banke Bihari Temple

This is one of the most crowded temples in Vrindavan. Most of the devotees make a pilgrimage here. It is most excellent to go here to know-how the local culture of Vrindavan. From the opening to the closing of the temple, bhajan, and prayers are chanted nonstop, and devotees rush to the main idol to pay tribute to the garlands. The best time to visit Vrindavan is during Holi when they celebrate the festival with festivals and colors.

Govardhan Hill

Govardhan Hill is considered a sacred place. It is rooted in Hindu mythology and many people come to visit this iconic place. According to ancient Hindu texts, Govardhan Hill was raised by Lord Krishna on his index finger to save his village and the villagers. It is known for its mystical powers and is made of sandstone. The place is best explored on foot. There are some grocery stores on the way to the hill that is famous for their kachori.

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