Best Body Sprays for Men

Best Body Sprays for Men

Have you ever come across a fragrance that seemed to linger in your mind long after? Well, very often this happens with men’s body spray. Most of them have a very distinctive smell and are therefore regarded as quite appealing.

Research studies worldwide have suggested that there are fundamental differences between men’s and women’s body spray.  The strong and musty scent of most body sprays seems to add an “X” factor.

Be it, women or men, a personal and intimate connection does get facilitated.

Most women have reported that they do find men who smell great quite appealing. Not only physically, but there is also even quite an emotional connection between fragrance and personality.

What is the contributing factor that makes men’s body sprays so distinctive?

When it comes to body sprays, each one of the genres promises a different aroma. However somewhere underlying is the same unique connotation. It is the strong and long-lasting aspect that keeps most of us hooked to the same.

Scent experts around the world agree that men’s perfumes are more refreshing and hence seem to strike a chord. Unlike female body sprays where the most common undertone is fruity or flowery, men’s body sprays are more natural smelling.

It is believed that the most unique men fragrance is one that resembles the smell of the fern tree. It originates in France and most of us do know how popular French perfumes are.

Best Selling fragrances like Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein belong to this genre. In Spite of all the positive facts, it is quite undisputed that men’s body sprays somewhat smell similar.

They lack the uniqueness and myriad of options that women body sprays offer.

This is where the distinction between men’s and women’s body spray becomes startling. One would be absolutely surprised to know that men’s body spray manufacturers often use heavy aromas like tobacco and even leather to give that “manly effect”.

Another very important difference is how the two divisions of perfumes are marketed. While women body sprays are more colourfully packaged with brighter colours, men body sprays generally come in monochromatic shades.

Even advertisements are such which try to exhibit the masculine nature of the same.

The Best Body Sprays for Men

One simply cannot deny the implications of a good body spray. Be it your first date or a very important job interview, smelling nice is a top priority. You surely do not want to be remembered as the guy who smelled “weird”!

There are different body sprays that one should sport for different requirements. Some of the best ones include:

1.  Calvin Klein CK One BodySpray 152 mg:

Most of us who have some basic knowledge about body sprays, know the hype around this one. It is a long-lasting body spray and has a very fresh undertone to it.

The price is quite moderate and the best part is that you do not need to spray on the entire bottle to smell nice. You could easily incorporate this as a daily staple and it works well for any occasion be it informal or formal.

2.  Hollister Free Wave For Him Body Spray 120ml:

If there is one favourite that is uniform across generations, it is definitely Hollister. They have some of the best body sprays which are well crafted to suit every personality.

This genre is definitely more playful and has a casual note to it. It is a good blend of strong aromas along with sea like freshness.

It is quite affordable and therefore is a very popular choice among people who love to smell good.

3.  Yardley London Yardley Gentleman Urbane Body Spray 150 ml:

Over the years, Yardley has been quite a game-changer in this industry. It is one of the most popular body sprays and is widely popular in most Asian countries.

There is a myriad of options to choose from, however, the most favourite one remains the Yardley Urbane. This one is characterized by a muscular note and is therefore very fresh and breezy.

It is definitely a classic one that most people love to spray on irrespective of occasions.

4.  Umbro White Deodorant Spray 150 ml:

If you are someone who simply is obsessed with strong aromas, this company is the best one. They have been revolutionary with their products and are therefore par excellence.

The characteristic feature of Umbro is that it has quite a sporty fragrance. The packaging is quite appealing as well.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, with a more expensive fragrance, this is definitely the one.

Men’s and women body sprays are fundamentally different although the gap is bridging. Nowadays there are more unisex variants that both male and female can easily use.

Smelling nice is a prerogative and therefore body sprays are the perfect choice for administering it on a regular basis.

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