Bathroom Plumbing: Planning, costs and Advice

Bathroom Plumbing: Planning, costs and Advice

The hydraulic design of the bathroom requires a lot of organization and specific skills, to obtain an optimal result in terms of living comfort and water efficiency. For this reason, it is essential to always contact a specialized company or professional to have work done in a workmanlike manner and avoid any disservice or problem.

In this guide we will explain everything you need to know about the design and construction of the bathroom plumbing system, to better understand how the installation of the plumbing system in this environment works. Here are some useful tips to follow to optimize costs and intervention.

How to do the plumbing of a Bathroom:

Building a bathroom plumbing system is much easier, and less expensive when it comes to new homes. The cost is different when you need to renovate the bathroom or replace old pipes, or maybe because you have bought a house already furnished and want to make some changes. In this case, the cost increases, also considering the refurbishment of the bathroom fixtures.

To correctly set up the plumbing system of a bathroom, first of all, you need to take the measurements of the bathroom fixtures, also calculating the distance between the various elements. This will allow you to install the water and drain pipes in the right position. If you follow these due precautions, it will be easier to make the hot and cold water system and the drain, obviously respecting the rules established by law.

How the bathroom plumbing project works:

Naturally, everything that is necessary to create a water system in a bathroom must be considered, taking into account the space available, the budget allocated for the work, and the desired result. In any case, on the market, there are various types of tools necessary for the construction of the plant.

The kind of material and the type of system to be adopted are essential elements to consider during the design phase. Other criteria concern the purposes of the system in question and the characteristics of the apartment. In most cases the pipes are installed under the flooring, however, in some cases, the pipes remain external.

Specifically, in the hydraulic design of the bathroom you have to choose:

  • supply pipes with relative joints;
  • PVC drainage pipes with relative joints and specific glue;


As far as the supply pipes are concerned, it is possible to choose between those in copper, polypropylene, or multi-layer, depending on the performance to be obtained taking into account the quality-price ratio. Also, you will need masonry and plumbing tools to get the job done.

The plumbing system will consist of a main part common to the whole apartment, in addition to the various branches within the individual rooms. In addition, the plant will consist of a loading and unloading system, essential for the water supply and the disposal of wastewater.

The loading system can be by-pass or by manifold, the former most used in the restructuring phases. The exhaust system, on the other hand, can be double-pip or single-pipe. The double pipe system is the most hygienic choice, as a double drainage method is used that separates the black from the white water.

What is the cost of the bathroom plumbing system?

Obviously, it is important to pay close attention to the cost of the bathroom plumbing system. In fact, it is necessary to budget for both the cost of materials and the cost of restoring the bathroom. It is not easy to quantify the total cost for the renovation of the plumbing system of a bathroom, however, it is necessary to consider some important aspects, the cost of which also varies depending on the area. where the work is carried out:

  • Demolition and disposal;
  • Creation of traces in the masonry for the positioning of the pipes;
  • Installation of the water system (both loading and unloading);
  • Construction of masonry works;
  • Installation of sanitary ware, siphons, and taps;
  • Realization of the finishes.

As for the plumbing cost of the bathroom, a lot depends on the plumbing points you need. To these must be added the costs for sanitary ware and taps. There are usually 4 or 5 plumbing points for the construction of a bathroom system: sink, bidet, toilet, shower, or tub and, possibly, the connection for the washing machine. The greater the hydraulic points, the higher the overall cost of the work will also be. Tips for Water leakage plumbing.

In addition, the costs for traces on the masonry and other various masonry works (laying of tiles and floors), the installation of water points, sanitary fixtures, and taps must also be added. The overall work could take about 6-7 business days. Once the work has been carried out, the professional will issue you the plant compliance documentation, in accordance with current legislation.

On average, it is possible to take into account an indicative cost of about 50-120 dollars per water point, with a cost that generally is around 1,000-2,500 dollars for the entire refurbishment of the plumbing system of a small or small bathroom. medium size. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to redo the plumbing of the whole house, the higher cost, with an approximate cost of about 2,000-4,000 dollars.

Some tips before plumbing a bathroom:

When you need to build from scratch or redo the bathroom plumbing system, you need to contact more than one company, unless you know a company or a trusted plumber. In fact, it is advisable to consult more specialized plumbers to have different detailed estimates of labor costs and materials.

The other advice is not to save on the materials to be used, in fact, you have to think about the quality and duration of the new bathroom. The choice of poor quality materials, especially sanitary ware and plumbing, would cause serious inconvenience in a couple of years, moreover, it often makes future interventions necessary, without considering any unpleasant situations in case of breakage.

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