Basic SEO: Basic SEO Techniques for Beginners

Basic SEO: Basic SEO Techniques for Beginners

It is no secret to anyone that the basic SEO techniques are fairly basic and easy to do. However, there is one very important thing that many people overlook. They fail to take full advantage of the ranking algorithms that Google has put in place for SEO purposes. The truth is, if you want to rank well in Google, you need to learn the ropes with SEO basics!

The following basic SEO techniques should help you get a head start on your SEO adventure!

Making sure your webpages load quickly and reliably on all Google web browsers is an essential part of basic SEO. It is no mystery that Google wants its users to stay on each page of the search engine results page as long as possible. The way to make sure this happens is by optimizing your webpages for loading speed. There are two simple things you can do to increase page speed: optimizing your content and using keywords or keyword phrases frequently in your title and other meta-tags. If you optimize your pages for speed, Google will love you and your website will rank better.

Basic SEO techniques include keyword targeting, using anchor text in your titles and other meta-tags and, of course, making sure your pages load quickly. The keywords or keyword phrases you choose to target are also called “headwords”. These are the words that Google looks for when it scans the internet. Choosing a list of high quality, low competition keywords or keyword phrases that you think your visitors will likely use is the best way to target your organic search engine traffic and boost your page rankings in the SERPs.

Another basic SEO technique is adhering to the on-page guidelines put out by Google. Although this can be time-consuming, keeping these guidelines in mind will pay off in the long run. To maintain a good ranking, it is critical that your webpages contain relevant, fresh content, include title tags and other on-page factors such as image descriptions, a descriptive title tagline, and a list of keywords or keyword phrases.

Doing these things will ensure that the search engine spiders keep coming back to your pages and that you maintain a high standard of quality in your off-page optimization.

In addition to doing the on-page SEO basics such as making sure your keywords are properly sprinkled throughout your content, off-page SEO needs to include some off-page factors as well. These factors include writing quality meta-tags and other meta-attributes such as keyword positioning. Optimizing meta tags and other meta descriptions is another fundamental rule of basic SEO.

Keyword positioning is a basic rule of SEO, but it is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Positioning your meta description, title tag and other meta titles correctly will give you a higher chance of getting noticed.

If you want to rank highly for your keywords, then making sure that the keywords are in your meta title, meta description and alt tags are essential. There are dozens of off-page factors involved in organic search quality rating guidelines and keeping your head straight about the basics of off-page SEO is vital. Don’t fall into the trap of buying fancy tools that promise to improve your rankings with no work.

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