Advanced Features in E-learning Apps Remodeling the Learning Process

Advanced Features in E-learning Apps Remodeling the Learning Process

We are living in an era where experiments and advancements have become a new normal. Every day thousands of new applications and technologies are introduced in the market. And now, with the help of these technologies, traditional ways of learning have also changed. E-learning applications have now become a top choice of students, learners, and corporates. These applications make learning fun and interactive for the generations that we might lack before. In recent times, the e-learning app development industry has seen a massive demand.

According to the market reports, the e-learning market reached $7.98 billion in 2015, and it is expected to reach $37.60 billion by 2020. These jaw-dropping numbers justify the popularity of e-learning apps. If you are an entrepreneur and plan to enter the app services market, e-learning apps would be one of your best options.

To make a robust e-learning app, several factors are needed to be consideredfrom which the most critical one is the features. This post will discuss some of the best features that can make your application a great learning platform.

1. Video-based content- E-learning apps are not only useful for the students but corporates as well. This feature allows students to record their lectures according to the chapters, whereas business people can record their presentations whenever required.

It is one of the innovative features that let learners access learning anytime, anywhere. With this feature, they can pause the content, rewind or forward it, zoom the images and clips. This feature offers significant benefits to both students and mentors; hence it is high in demand.

2. Live Tutorials and Sessions- This e-learning feature will help learners to polish their skills. Live tutorials and sessions result in enhancing the interaction among the learners and their mentors. This feature facilitates students to ask and solve their queries live on any topic. It ultimately creates a virtual environment where students can exchange information freely and exchange their ideas with each other or instructors.

3. Performance Tracker- This feature helps students to keep a close track of their performance. It ultimately helps in sharpening their knowledge. This tracker helps them in working on their weak sections. Apart from the learners, mentors also get significant support from this feature as they know the areas their students lack. Based on the reports, they can help them in a better way.

4. Offline Mode: It is one of the most prominent features of e-learning applications as it does not require any internet connection. Learners can download their necessary modules and access them whenever needed. This feature helps in holding the students long on the platform; it keeps their interests alive.

5. Gamification- Fun and game experiments in education make it more exciting and innovative. This feature is very crucial to attract maximum users. According to several research types, it is proved that students like learning, including fun and games. It helps them to grab the subject quickly. Hence, nothing is better than including this feature in your e-learning app.

Final words- 

The E-learning industry has seen progressive growth in past decades, thanks to the mobile app development solutions that introduced this concept with unique twists. And undeniably, it continues to grow with advancements and enhances educational apps to serve the learners better. Hence, it is high time for businesses to invest in e-learning app development solutions and make learning more interactive and exciting for new-age learners.

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