9 Tips to Clean Carpet This New Year

9 Tips to Clean Carpet This New Year

It is really daunting to keep the home carpet clean all the time. Certain factors are contributing collaboratively to make it a breeding ground for molds, dirt, and soils. Gradually, it becomes so tough that you have to spend much on a professional London carpet cleaning company to deal with those problems.

While you are preparing to celebrate this New Year, get to know some efficient carpet cleaning tips from here. These will surely be going to your New Year’s resolution to keep your carpet clean and new.  

9 carpet cleaning tips

  1. Thorough vacuuming of the carpet

Most of the time carpet gets worn down due to the accumulation of dirt. Oily soil attracts most of the dirt which gets deposited on the surface of the carpet. Only thorough vacuuming can remove the build-up of soil particles.

  1. Quick removal of stains

You can remove any stain from the carpet easily if it is addressed on time. As much longer the stain will be left on the carpet as it will become hard over time. Then, it will become tough for you to deal with it.

  1. Spot test prior to applying any cleaning technique

Every material of carpet varies from one another thereby differs in the application of the cleaning method too. Hence, before spotting, extracting, and scrubbing it is advised to check a spot test by applying the product and technique on a smaller portion of the carpet.

Numerous carpets are there which are prone to acid cleaners resulting in losing their shine, color, and brightness. Many dyes are highly sensitive to alkaline cleaning solutions which can damage the entire fabric. Hence you have to be careful while choosing the cleaning solution.

  1. Use mild cleaning agents

Besides using harsh cleaning agents use mild ones for neutralizing both high acid and high alkaline cleaners.

  1. Avoid brushing or digging the spots

Brushing or digging the spots can result in potential damage to the material. Scraping is the perfect technique to deal with a stain followed by tamping using a white cloth or towel.

  1. Never overuse any cleaning solution

Excessive usage of cleaning solution will lead to the formation of residual leftovers which may not get removed completely even after vacuuming. Moreover, it increases the probability of ruining the entire material as well.

  1. Consider the moisture

Almost every carpet cleaning solution is rich in chemicals reducing the necessity of water during cleaning. So, over wetting of the carpet can brown it out completely including potential damage and adhesion issues.

  1. Eliminate the residue ASAP

Once the carpet dries up completely scrubbing it can powder off the residual elements. Even periodic steam cleaning can eradicate the loose particles and dirt which get trapped in the carpet’s surface easily.

  1. Don’t coat a spotty or dirty carpet

Post extraction and scrubbing, you may or may not get satisfied by the outcome. But avoid coating it with the help of the carpet protector otherwise it will become tough to eliminate next time. Instead, re-extraction or pre-scrubbing of the dirt is a much better option prior to clean it extensively.

These tips are all for you to take care of your carpet on your own. But definitely for some stubborn spots, dirt, oil, grime, and soil, call a reliable carpet cleaning company in London. Only they use the right technology and cleaning agents to ensure you about the efficient cleaning of the carpet.

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