8 Best sites to find work from home jobs in 2021

8 Best sites to find work from home jobs in 2021

The world experienced a global pandemic and many organizations switched to work-from-home. While for some people, this change was required on a short-term basis for others long term, for safety reasons. Now, if you want to continue working from home, you must look for jobs specifically designed for remote work.

Several organizations have converted on-site work to work from home jobs but there are other organizations with intentionally created job positions for virtual rather than in-house. Meaning, if you want to continue working from home or enjoy remote work, then look out for sites that provide the same. There are many sites that provide work from home jobs or remote work.

Work-from-home websites can help you provide plenty of jobs, beware of fake websites and ads. With people seeking work from home jobs, scammers have found a perfect way of phishing out money. Here are 8 authentic sites where you can find remote jobs as per your liking.

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs was founded in 2007 by Sarah Sutton. One of the longest-standing websites, FlexJobs focuses on helping professionals find a remote and flexible job according to the desired work profile. Sarah Sutton founded the company when she was pregnant and looking for remote jobs with flexible work hours and was heavily disappointed when couldn’t find one.

FlexJobs also provides more than 50 career fields worldwide for both entry and executive-level professionals. You can opt for either part-time or full-time jobs and additionally you get client support and a money-back guarantee. For one week trial, the pricing is around $6.95.

2. Remote Co.

Remote Co., is also founded by Sarah Sutton and is a partner to FlexJobs. The site describes itself as ‘all things remote work’. The site has sectioned both job seekers seeking jobs as well as employers to post their requirements on the site. You can also check the remote work blog and frequently ask questions answered by 143 remote companies and virtual teams.

3. California State University Public database

The California State University Public Database has a public database with all the student’s information and jobs available across the country. The school provides the information regarding the students and they have decided to help Americans find a remote job in a difficult economy. The database collects information in Google Sheets format, with names, job titles, and categories. The university database is regularly updated and has more than 3000 active job vacancies.

4. Indeed.com

Indeed is known to find traditional work, but also has a separate section for remote work as well. The site has over 135000 jobs which can be sorted by job type, salary, location, experience level, and company. You can also upload your resume for employers to see your details.

5. Jobspresso

Jobspresso is a free remote work site solely dedicated to remote work. You can find diverse options ranging from tech jobs such as designer, developer, UI/UX developer to writing, editing, and product management goals. As per the site, Jobspresso adds, curates, and checks every job listing before it is posted online. The site’s staff spend a tedious amount of time checking legitimate job openings by reviewing the company’s profiles, their social media, and background history, to provide the job seekers with nothing but the best jobs.

6. Working Nomads

Working nomads offer remote job boards globally. They target job seekers with a computer, Wi-Fi, and cloud to do their job, not only full-time but part-time jobs to build their skills or to develop team discipline. You can also find remote jobs which require on-site training.

7. Remote work hub

Founded by Cam Woodsum, this site offers only full-time remote jobs. It also claims to provide users ten times more jobs and filters as compared to other remote work sites. The founder believes that online working is the key to freedom and happiness. Furthermore, you can set up job alerts, browse through categories and find the job you want.

8. Remote OK

Remote OK offers jobs in software development, customer support, marketing, design, and others. The site also has a working directory that states the current hiring trends and global talent pool of more than 5000 remote workers. The site also showcases the live ranking of hiring trends of current companies.

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