5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Ran Away From Home

5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Ran Away From Home

You are mature. You are wise. You can live independently. But it is certainly not the case when your parents love you madly. You might decide to leave your home behind for your damn good adventurous future. But you also have emotions and you can’t make your parents cry. So you drop the idea of leaving the house.

When you re-enter the house. You find that everything has changed. You win your parents back but you have lost everything. Let’s check out these 5 ways your life changes when you ran away from home.

5. Caged in a house – The parents don’t want to lose you ever again. This drastic terrible fear led him to do terrible things to their son/daughter. What they thought is good for their kid is to cage him/her in a house. If this is not enough to secure their social prestige, they made him/her cut from society.

It sometimes becomes that horrible that you will start thinking that running away is definitely a good decision. Probably you accept every torcher that comes to you because you have made your parents cry in the first place.

However, the free bird in you will ask you constantly what-why-how questions. It is up to you regarding how you deal with the situation.

Advice for Parents – Instead of false fear that he/she will run again, ask them why they ran. Think about their perspective and talk nicely to them so that they feel they are at home instead of caged in a house.

Advice for the victim – If you ran from your house and re-entered in the house then think why you have taken this decision. Do as you have planned instead of consoling everyone in their trauma.

4. Fear to lose everyone – A human behavior shows people do stupid things to stay safe in their shells. They don’t want to lose their known and relatives in any way. When you ran from your house, the most striking thing in your mind is whether you end up losing your parents.

When you went home back, the most striking thing in your mind is if I say something and I end up losing my parents. If I do something and I end up losing my parents. This fear in you is enough to make you sink on your own. You might end up having mental diseases for a lifetime.

However, the optimist in you makes sure that you are setting up a plan to win your things back. The sweetest thing in life is that you can make things okay even if went worst.

Advice for parents – Be nice to her. It is the fact that she left you for her other important things. But it is also a fact that she comes to you right after leaving everything behind.

Advice for a victim – Don’t be afraid to lose everyone. With this condition of yours, you might end up losing yourself. Be wise enough to deal with the situation in a good way instead of fighting for your haq things.

3. Get influenced to bad habits – People say teenage life is the worst phase of life where you are prone to get a certain addiction. They will be right – I’ll admit that – but when you are dealing with such situations, you just want to feel lost somewhere without thinking of anything happening around you.

What most probably can be done is to get an addiction, you end up smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey, or doing drugs. It helps you in no way but gives you a short relief and everyone’s pity attention. And that’s it, nothing more.

However, you have to understand that you have to do things to settle the situation instead of dramatizing the situation with a puff of smoke and sip of whiskey.

Advice for parents – Keep an eye on them. Talk things with them. Support them. And encourage them to talk. Otherwise, you will see your baby going into depression and you will do nothing about it.

Advice for a victim – Keep yourself busy. Avoid any type of addiction even if it gives you momentary pleasure. Find out the ways to fix the problem that you have created.

2. Suicidal tendencies – If everyone tells you that your act is worth dying. You will start thinking about it. In addition to this, you just can’t make yourself comfortable around when you see some pair of eyes watching you suspiciously with mild hatred.

Just remember one thing that this is your life, and you don’t have to answer anyone for all the decisions you have made regarding your life. You chose to be with your parents because you don’t want to lose them and not because they don’t want to lose you.

However, respect your parents, talk to them about what you want. Get rid of suicidal tendencies, and think about a better future of what you want to do.

Advice for parents – Your girl is in your home is not everything if you want to know the truth. Last time she ran away but she was alive. This time she might commit suicide and for worse in front of you.

Advice for a victim – Stay positive about life. Your life is not ending and you should consider it as a good sign. Ask yourself why are you home? To care for your parents.

1. Guilt factor – You have committed a thing. This is a crime in other’s eyes. Now you have guilt inside you. This is the worst of all the things that will change your life once you ran away. Also, this is the easiest thing to set right if you are able to think why you were running away in the first place.

If you get your answer, if you find that you were right doing that then you will find that your guilt will be gone. And once you were not guilty in your mind, then you can do things in the right ways and make your surroundings a happy place.

However, always remember that you were doing things for a reason. And that reason is one of the ultimate ones in your life.

Advice for parents – Even when you are socially challenged, think about your baby, and why he/she might have taken such a drastic route to get away from you. What he/she doesn’t like in you, you have to think this out.

Advice for a victim – Try to heal yourself and make a step further in your path. Just remember you can do anything if you believe in so. And also, that rain happened that’s why you ran otherwise it wasn’t the case.

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