5 Unusual Things to Do in Alaska

5 Unusual Things to Do in Alaska

Alaska is a delightful city in the United States and home to beautiful museums, beautiful national parks, glaciers, highways, historical and cultural sites, and stunning attractions. The city’s natural beauty is worth the hype and pleases the tourists with unlimited sightseeing sites and fun activities, including hiking, paddling, fishing, etc. 

With hundreds of thousands of prominent mountain peaks, glaciers, an extraordinary number of wildlife species, and parks, Alaska has so much to offer to the tourists and the native people. If you are thinking of visiting the city, you can consider the best months from mid-June to mid-August when the weather is jubilant. 

Cool Things to Do in Alaska

Here is a guide to help you find enough details on the top five epic things to do in Alaska

Go on a Bear Viewing Tour in Alaska 

Going on a bear viewing tour is probably one of the best things to do in Alaska. The tour represents a habitat of rare and wild bears in Denali National Park, providing a unique and magical experience. Tourists can also find bears at Brooks River Falls, Katmai National Park, and Wolverine Creek. It would be an excellent opportunity to see at least 10 to 40 bears closely for hours at a time. In addition to this, you can stroll in the park and eat fresh berries or indulge in fishing activities.  

The tour can take up to five to ten hours, giving an insight into the culture of wildlife species and their behavior. You can also consider staying in a bear-viewing lodge to spend some quality time in the lapse of nature and its elements. 

Be a part of Alaska Day Cruises

Alaska Day Cruises demonstrates charming coastal serene scenes along with whales, seals, puffins, and towers of ice breaking into the sea. The cruise will take you to beautiful sites where you can view mountain goats, bald eagles, bears, and other species. These cruises depart from most of the coastal towns, and if you are flying into Anchorage, you can plan a day trip by booking a day cruise. While you are on the cruise, you are engaged for five or more hours that will include a fresh and tasty meal. You can take your family or friends and give them a trip to remember throughout their life. 

Participate in Dog Sledding in Alaska

Dog Sledding is one of the popular activities to do in Alaska. Imagine you are going through the lush green forests and sitting on the sled while being pulled by the most powerful creatures, dogs; what an experience that would be. You can run as fast as you want and also participate in a race with other Iditarod racers for endless adventure and thrill. The fee for kennel tours is $70, $140 for winter dog mushing, and $499 for summer glacier dog sledding. Make the most of your time in Alaska by making Delta airlines book a flight and get ready for an everlasting trip. 

Take a Rafting Tour 

If you are looking for some crazy adventure and thrill, you should definitely participate in the rafting tours. Before you reach the middle of the river, you can splash water and listen to people giggling and smiling. Relax on a gentle float through and feel the peace around the place. Besides this, you can choose to take a rollercoaster ride with your companions or go on a scenic float trip irrespective of your age. Participating in such trips is an excellent opportunity to get connected to nature and its elements in a way that you have never felt before. 

Hike through the Lodges

Hiking is the best way to discover thrill and adventure in a unique place like Alaska. There are plenty of hiking trails in and around the city. Doesn’t matter if you have come with a large group or small; you can find great opportunities for hiking and relish a great experience. The package starts from $1000 per person and can go on further depending on the trail and number of visitors. Plan a trip, pack your bags to Alaska and prepare yourself to dive into a paradise by making a Frontier airlines booking.

Some of the popular hiking tours are Seward Wilderness Collective, Heli-Hiking and Flightseeing, Hiking and Ice Climbing, TEMSCO Helicopters Denali Heli Hike, etc. 

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