4 Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

4 Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

Many homeowners need to have their tree removed, which doesn’t always end when you cut down a dead tree. Even if the tree is gone, the stump remains, and removing the stump is a completely different process, often more difficult and expensive than the actual cutting of the tree.

For this reason many people choose to completely give up the removal of tree stumps. Instead, owners often try to plant new trees around the stump, otherwise they try to reuse it or ignore it altogether.

Sometimes this is doable, but you need to consider the possible problems that can occur when you leave a tree stump in place. Here are five reasons why it is a good idea to remove fallen tree stumps.

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Possible Pest Invasion

A stump left set up will start to decay, ultimately separating totally. This cycle, nonetheless, is incredibly moderate and untidy. The decomposition process is facilitated by a variety of microbes and other organisms, all of which will begin to appear in the stump as soon as the tree is felled.

Often times, ant species such as carpenter ants will move around and start building nests inside the tree stumps. These ants can then start to appear anywhere else around your home, which can lead to a serious pest problem. In addition to ants, termites love tree stumps like other insects that feed on wood. They too will not be limited to stumps and will spread to other plants around them, including other trees, shrubs, and maybe your house itself.

Appearances of Invasive Plants

There are other plant species that can often take over tree stumps. Trees can begin to develop from the remaining parts of the old tree, yet these are frequently little and unattractive, and amazingly hard to eliminate. In many cases, the invasive plants that grow on your tree stump require chemicals to destroy. This is not ideal as it can be harmful to other plants in the area you are trying to grow.

Fungi can also sprout anywhere in the tree stump, which is also often unsightly and potentially dangerous for pets.

Safety Hazards

Notwithstanding their inclination to draw in undesirable species, tree stumps can likewise represent a security danger whenever left on your property. You and your close ones can be seriously injured. Whenever you are attempting to do any kind of garden work, you will need to take care of the stump, being careful to avoid it when mowing your lawn. Then there here is the possibility of causing serious damage to the machinery, creating another possible safety risk to yourself and anyone else working in your yard.

It will also reduce the free area for children to play in a safe environment with no tripping or other hazards.

Continuous Growth

If you leave a stump in place, the roots of the tree can occasionally continue to grow, damaging the surrounding environment and can damage pipes, sidewalks and other parts of your home. Before the roots run out of nutrients and break down, you may find that they have caused significant damage to the area around them, so it is better to remove the stumps as quickly as possible rather than letting them sit in place.

If you have made the decision to remove a tree stump, there are several actions you can take. The easiest way is to do this when you have first removed the tree. But tree stump removal in Philadelphiais something best left to the experts. They will have the proper equipment and experience in handling any situations that may come forth when removing a tree stump.

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